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Web3 Getting Started Preferred: Having the First Cryptocurrency Wallet, Panda Wallet


We’ve all learned from childhood that true knowledge comes from practice. In the Web3 world, we are “teachers per capita” (self-taught), which raises the bar for the average person to enter the Web3 world, resulting in most newcomers remaining “outsiders” despite reading a lot of crypto news every day.

Oftentimes, we hear the phrase “I’ll transfer money to you, what’s your wallet address”.

The first step in the circle Web3, the first step is to have a cryptocurrency wallet first.

Today, using Panda Wallet as an example, let’s talk about the first step in the “circle”: having your first cryptocurrency wallet.

How to create or import a wallet

Open the Panda Wallet application, the first time you use it, you will be given the option to create a new wallet or import a wallet to create a wallet, you can choose a 12/24-digit mnemonic wallet according to your needs, and you can choose to back up the mnemonic later when you create the wallet to support the import of any wallet, you can import it through the mnemonic or the private key after you create or import the wallet, you can give the wallet a nickname to facilitate the management; or use DID domain name set wallet nickname.

How to add main nets and tokens

On the PandaWallet home page, click “All Main nets”, and “Add Mainnet”, you can choose the main net you want to add to the list, or directly enter the main net you want to add in the search box, click the “+” on the right side, enter the 6-digit password or face recognition to add successfully; back to the wallet home page, you can click the coin column on the right side to add. Click “+” on the right side and enter your 6-digit password or face recognition to add it successfully; back to the wallet home page, you can click “+” on the right side of the coin column to add more coins to the current main net ecosystem; and then click “Add” on the right side of the coin column to add more coins.

How to receive tokens

Click “Receive” on the home page of Panda Wallet, select the receiving home network and tokens; copy the address, or scan the QR code to transfer tokens from other platforms.

How to send tokens

On the PandaWallet home page, click “Send”, select the main network and tokens to be transferred; fill in the wallet address of the receiving coins, the number of coins to be transferred, notes, adjusted according to the needs of the Gas fee to confirm the transfer can be Panda Wallet supports batch transfers to different receiving addresses, which is very convenient.

How to use PandaWallet to flash exchange

In the Panda Wallet home page click “Swap”, enter the market page, you can choose the currency you want to trade, enter the K-line page, click “Buy” or “Sell”, select the currency pair, fill in the transaction amount, you can flash exchange Panda Swap helps you to reach the best price in the whole network, provides the most complete coin in the whole network. “, select the coin pair, fill in the transaction amount, etc. can be flash exchange Panda Swap to help you reach the transaction at the best price in the network, providing the most complete coin pairs in the network Bit Keep Swap aggregation of hundreds of head DEX, to provide the best liquidity using intelligent routing, looking for the best trading path, automatic comparison of the whole network, the optimal trading price at your fingertips Pre-executed On-chain trading, providing the best slippage that can be executed to reduce spreads; at the same time, users can manually set the slippage, more flexible support for real-time accurate K-line quotes, aggregated data from a variety of protocols, providing users with the most accurate prices on the network to support the borrowing of Gas fee service. Even if the user does not have the main network coins in his wallet, he can still trade successfully in Swap, which is easy and labor-saving.

PandaWallet One-Click Cross-Chain Functionality

PandaWallet aggregates the liquidity of hundreds of DEX and cross-chain bridges and supports the widest range of pairs and the cleanest transactions, as long as the two Token values, you can directly trade between different currencies on different home nets, and just one swap can be completed.

How to Pledge ETH and Earn

Panda Wallet aggregates Lido liquidity pledge agreement, you just need to pledge ETH with one click, and you can earn stable ETH earnings with daily compounding, you can also exchange stETH through Swap to enjoy the same pledge earnings. With the real-time earnings panel, you can check your account’s latest earnings and annualized percentage yield (APY) at any time; if you want to release the pledge, you can redeem it at any time.

Panda Wallet’s NFT Marketplace

Aggregates the pending orders of Opensea, Gem, Rarible, Blur, and other mainstream NFT markets and supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Optimism, Heco, Ethereum Classic and other multi-chain NFT ecosystems, etc. Currently, the market volume of pending orders is 500,000+, and the total number of NFTs held by users has reached 10 million+. The total number of NFTs held by users has reached 10 million+; by 2023, the total amount of transactions in the Panda Wallet NFT market will exceed $40 million The first market on the net to support the purchase of NFTs in any currency Supports batch transfers and batch pending orders NFT supports Free Mint, which allows users to mint NFTs free of charge.

Panda Wallet’s DApp Browser

Panda Wallet is the most convenient way to explore the Web3 world. In Panda Wallet DApp Browser, you can quickly discover more popular DApps by searching and recommending DApps. You can access any DApp by copying the URL address of the DApp. Airdrop support for some of the taps of the home network to be airdrop support for multiple home network switching within the DApp support for the DApp floating window function, the interaction will not be interrupted by other operations within the application support for the DApp intelligent contract security detection and authorization of risk tips to enhance the security of the interaction.