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Best 5 Access Control System Manufacturers

These days businesses, organizations, and individuals are faced with the problem of security. The employment of access control systems has been one of the best ways to keep our physical spaces safe and sound in order to meet this demand. New technologies such as QR RFID reader and RFID technology have made today’s access control systems more efficient. In addition, this paper looks at access control systems and how RFID readers strengthen security.

Understanding Access Control Systems

Access control system means or technologies that monitor entry into a place or use of a resource. They permit authorized persons only while preventing unauthorized personnel from gaining access to such areas. By establishing whether only persons with correct credentials or authority should enter, these types of security mechanisms add another layer.

The Role of QR RFID Readers in Access Control

The arrival of QR codes has entirely changed the way access control systems operate across the globe. These readers work by using two-dimensional barcodes called QR code which then decides whether to allow entrance or not. Whenever anybody comes near an access point, there can be a scan of a QR code using an appropriate reader. This reader then breaks down the data contained within the QR code to authenticate the identity while determining whether one should be allowed or not.

The Involvement of RFID Reader Factories and Manufacturers

RFID reader manufacturers are crucial for the production and distribution of dependable RFID readers that are fit for purpose. Several approaches are used in these foundries during manufacturing and include proper quality controls as required by industry standards. RFID reader manufacturing factories also emphasize continuous R&D to introduce new functionalities and enhance the performance of access control systems.


Access control systems today rely on advanced technologies like QR codes, RFID readers, or RFID, etc., which are important in maintaining security across various locations. On the other hand, a QR RFID reader is an ideal solution for access control with enhanced security, flexibility, and convenience among others whereas it is a different case with RFID readers. Therefore, users can look forward to a growing line of reliable solutions that will help secure their spaces physically for organizations as well as businesses and individuals through access control systems.

Here are the Best 5 Access Control System Manufacturers.

1, Shenzhen Fondvision





Established in 1997, Shenzhen Fondvision Technology Development Co., Ltd specializes in the research and development as well as production of Security Products. With an engineer team dedicated to product innovation and offering OEM/ODM services, among others, they operate from a 5000 square meter factory with a production capacity of approximately 50000pcs per month. Known for their comprehensive range of security products, their Access Control and RFID readers stand out for their affordability and quality. Additionally, accessories like electronic locks, magnetic locks, exit buttons, and cards are exported in large quantities.

The company’s engineer team frequently releases new products, with QR code Access controllers, QR code RFID card readers, and WiFi access controls gaining popularity in the market. Prioritizing quality, they conduct rigorous testing, including a 72-hour aging test, and ensure compliance with international standards such as CE, FCC, and ROHS.

Adhering to the principle of “Creation endless, Trustworthy Forever,” Shenzhen Fondvision Technology Development Co., Ltd aims to provide valuable products and services in their field, benefiting both customers and end-users, while fostering mutual development.

2, Marktrace RFID




For over a decade, the company has dedicated itself to researching, innovating, and applying IoT smart device technology. Their R&D team boasts extensive industry experience and proprietary core technology, resulting in over 110 national invention patents and intellectual property rights. Positioned at the forefront of the IoT technology market, their products and related technologies cater to top-tier customers including Huawei, ZTE, SAIC, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and Flextronics in the United States, among others.

Leveraging IoT technology, the company has developed the pioneering “automotive certification remote monitoring” system, a world-first initiative. This system has been successfully deployed in several thousand financing cooperation 4S stores of SAIC Finance Corporation. Additionally, Huawei has adopted over 800,000 fixed assets utilizing RFID technology, extending its reach across 52 countries.

2.4G Omni-Directional RFID Reader

2.4G RFID Edge Computing AI Camera

3, S4A Industrial Co., Limited




Established in 2010, S4A Industrial Co., Limited has remained steadfastly dedicated to the production, research and development, and sales of access control systems for a decade. With a deeply ingrained belief in doing one thing exceptionally well throughout a lifetime, the CEO brings 15 years of industry expertise to the company. Over the past decade, their products have garnered international acclaim, with exports to various countries and regions. Impressively, 90% of their clientele comes through recommendations from satisfied customers, while 80% of their turnover is attributed to repeat business from these cooperative clients.

In the analogy of business as a plant and themselves as the gardeners, S4A Industrial Co., Limited sees its mission as nurturing and nourishing this plant to become a towering tree. They place great emphasis on listening to partner appeals, customer suggestions, and feedback to continually enhance product quality and service standards. Their enduring partnerships with clients reflect a shared journey towards mutual growth and success over many years.

Uhf Rfid Passive Reader With 915m Long Distance Access Control Vehicle Logistics Application

Uhf Rfid Passive Reader 


4, Proud Tek




Established in 2008, Proud Tek has amassed over 15 years of expertise in the field, focusing on supplying RFID CARDS and RFID TAGS worldwide for cashless payment, ticketing, and asset management applications.

With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Proud Tek has successfully catered to over 300 clients spanning 40 countries. They hold a pivotal role as a key supplier for bus system ticketing in 7 countries, providing millions of cards annually. Notably, they have supplied RFID cards for FIFA games since 2021 and contribute to the market with over 1 million RFID Laundry chips each year to enhance laundry management efficiency.

Proud Tek remains dedicated to innovation, continually offering value-added services to their customers. Their team of experts stands ready to assist in designing and developing products tailored to specific requirements, ensuring an ideal solution for every need.

PRT100 Long Range Contactless Induce Reader

Access Control RFID Reader

5, Granding Technology




Granding Technology, led by a top China-based team, serves as a global provider of Biometrics & RFID products and services. With a fusion of Biometric technology expertise and exceptional integrated capabilities, Granding operates with the belief that their role extends beyond merely delivering the perfect end product. Instead, they strive to be an integral part of their clients’ teams, focusing on mutual success and collaboration. Granding has curated a specialized team comprising R&D experts, responsive sales professionals, strategic planners, and efficient logistics personnel. This multifaceted team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology products to customers worldwide. As a result, Granding has expanded its customer base across the globe, leveraging their outstanding service and specialized knowledge to effectively distribute products.

Their commitment to high quality, reasonable pricing, and prompt service has not only created new business opportunities for their customers but has also brought greater benefits and flexibility to end users.


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