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Best 5 Selling Excess Components Inventory Platforms 2022

When the life cycle of electronic components shortens over a while, they are deemed as obsolete. Again, several parts of the electronic devices are outdated as the manufacturers have stopped producing them as these are not suitable for a new generation of electronic products. However, the demand for such outdated electronic components is not going to vanish soon as millions of customers globally demand the old components for their devices. In this context, it is better to contact an Obsolete Electronic Components Distributor to source your requirements for electronic parts.

Customers can easily find both new and old electronic parts with these distributors. However, it would help research whether the parts are obsolete because manufacturing has stopped or are fakes. Only a few reliable distributors can deliver genuine electronic parts to their customers. These distributors Sell Excess Components Inventory and get good margins from manufacturers.

Further, several electronic components expire after a while, but no expiry date is written on them. Hence, it is pretty difficult for customers to identify the good and bad. If you need an authentic online component for your electronic device, you must source it from a trustworthy distributor.

Below are the Best 5 Selling Excess Components inventory platforms 2022

1. Heisener Electronics Co., Ltd.

Heisener Electronic is a famous international One Stop Purchasing Service Provider of Electronic Components. Based on the concept of Customer-orientation and Innovation, a good process control system, professional management team, advanced inventory management technology, we can provide one-stop electronic component supporting services that Heisener is the preferred partner for all the enterprises and research institutions.


2. Jameco Electronic Components

Jameco has been a leading electronic components distributor for over 45 years. We’ve helped millions of customers from businesses to educational institutions to hobbyists and along the way we’re proud to have built a solid reputation for great prices, great selection, and a great source for hard-to-find electronic components. Jameco’s buying expertise allows even the smallest company or individual to enjoy the same competitive pricing edge typically reserved for the highest volume buyers.


3. Sensible Micro Corporation

Sensible Micro stocks, sources, and distributes electronic components and hardware to manufacturers of electronic products across a variety of industries. Our state-of-the-art lab and unparalleled customer service set us apart, making us a supplier you can trust and a partner you can count on.


4. Computer Components Ltd

As an independent company, our experienced team give your Excess Inventory 100% of our attention 100% of the time. We don’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring; our Account Managers proactively market your stock until it is sold. We arrange all logistics and shipping so all you have to do is send us a list and pack up your excess stock ready for collection.



AERI is an electronics distributor that has keeping the production lines moving at some of the worlds largest manufactures for over two decades. Our goal is to consistently give our clients the best prices, customer service, and overall experience when purchasing electronic components.