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BYDFi Crypto Exchange Review: Is it the Best Crypto Dealer in the Industry Now?

As of December 2023, over 9000 cryptocurrencies are existing worldwide. Most of them are not very relevant yet. But many significantly influence investors worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are the fastest-growing investment assets. They provide many possibilities to the investors. So, the investors must always trade with reputed and responsible crypto exchanges.

BYDFi, previously popular as BitYard, is a globally recognized crypto exchange. It is known for its advanced crypto trading features. The BYDFi crypto services are also known for their affordable fee ranges.

BYDFi Crypto Exchange


BYDFi crypto exchange was formerly known as BitYard Exchange. It was launched in 2019. It rose to popularity with its advanced trading features. It primarily focuses on margin accounts. The highlight of BYDFi is that it simplifies crypto trading for beginners.

The most popular products available at BYDFi are as follows.

  • Contracts for Differences (CFD)


  • Leveraged Tokens


  • Margin Trading

BYDFi provides two trading platform options for the investors. They are:

  1. Classic


  1. Advanced

Both Classic and Advanced platforms offer great trading and charting capabilities to investors.

The user-friendly nature of the BYDFi interface is what makes it a good choice for crypto investors. BYDFi login process is highly straightforward and convenient.

BYDFi services are also available through the BYDFi app. The welcome bonus, referral bonus, etc., are other incentives that attract investors to the platform.


BYDFi: Features, Services, and Benefits


BYDFi stands out from the other crypto exchanges with its advanced and user-friendly features. Some of them are given below.


1. Security

BYDFi is highly particular about providing the best safety measures to their customers. They regularly conduct security audits and stress tests for their systems. For added security, clients’ digital assets are all stored in wallets offline.

BYDFi adheres to the safety guidelines of the following countries.

  • US


  • Australia


  • Singapore


  • Estonia

BYDFi users must go through the dual authentication process to enter the system. This feature provides a layer of extra security to the platform. As of now, BYDFi hasn’t been the subject of any online threats or attacks, thanks to its comprehensive security system.


2. Cryptocurrencies and Price History

BYDFi platform offers over 40 cryptocurrencies currently. The platform deals with almost all significant cryptocurrencies. Some of them are below.

  • Bitcoin


  • Ethereum


  • Polkadot


  • Polygon


  • XRP


  • Dogecoin

BYDFi offers a vast number of services around cryptocurrencies. For example, investors are updated with the price of Bitcoin every second on the platform. The updates on BTC price fluctuations help investors make the right investment choices.

It is extremely easy to research Bitcoin price with BYDFi. The Bitcoin price USD updates are even sent to the investors directly. The BYDFi mobile application also provides the latest Bitcoin news to the users. The application alerts the users with the Bitcoin price today messages every day.

The same is the case with every other cryptocurrency the platform deals with.


3. Fees

The fees charged by BYDFi to the investors are highly reasonable and affordable. The prices are highly competitive and are much lower than other exchanges. For purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies through BYDFi, the customers only have to pay a fee between 0.1% and 0.3% of the crypto transaction.