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Best 5 cannabis marketing strategy companies

The cannabis industry is one of the segments of the US economy that is growing at the quickest rate. From its modest beginnings, the industry has grown to become a prominent player. It is made up of delivery services, media channels, software platforms, large retail businesses, and multi-million dollar cultivation facilities. There are still many difficulties with making a cannabis marketing strategy, despite the cannabis industry’s phenomenal rise following the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in several states. Marketing teams in the cannabis industry find it challenging to interact with consumers due to strict federal, state, and local restrictions, enduring social stigma, and restrictive advertising laws.

Challenges in cannabis marketing strategy

There is much potential for astute marketing techniques to interact with new customers in the cannabis market as a result of the cannabis sector’s growing mainstream popularity. Nevertheless, Cannabis vape remains illegal at the federal level, and there are stringent restrictions on where and how you can advertise cannabis products. This is true even though cannabis-derived products like CBD vape are slowly making their way onto the shelves of retail box stores and recreational cannabis use is gradually making its way from the counter culture to popular culture.

Restrictions in cannabis marketing

Many of the same marketing restrictions that apply to alcohol and tobacco also apply to cannabis vape. But because it is still prohibited at the federal level, laws are considerably more stringent. Further tightening regulations are the several advertising platforms’ policies on cannabis marketing. Cannabis advertisements are restricted, depending on the state, to outdoor areas, cannot make any medical or health-related claims, and must be expressly directed to adults over the age of 21. Investigate local and state legislation in your location before creating a marketing plan. Acquaint yourself with all relevant legal limitations as well to prevent heavy fines and penalties.

To grow your business in cannabis you need to contact a trustworthy company that provides you best cannabis marketing strategy. Here are the Best 5 cannabis marketing strategy companies.

1, Artrix




Artrix stands as a group of daring pioneers with a rich history of creating world-class cannabis vape hardware. However, their pursuit goes beyond their past achievements; it is deeply connected to the purpose behind the creation of Artrix. The ambition of Artrix extends to becoming a trusted Cannabis Vape Business Solution Provider, transcending the role of a mere vape hardware supplier. Artrix is committed to reshaping the significance of cannabis vape hardware, emphasizing continuous improvement, and inviting others to join them on the journey toward a brighter future.






Introducing Hybrid Marketing Co – more than just a nod to the cross-breeding of sativa and indica strains, it’s a testament to the fusion of expertise in branding and marketing. Like a Swiss Army Knife, the team at Hybrid Marketing Co brings diverse backgrounds in the cannabis industry, each member skilled and experienced with various tools and techniques. Formed in 2015, this cannabis marketing supergroup is powerful and versatile, catering to dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary businesses, and both B2B and B2C markets. With a track record of success, Hybrid Marketing Co is poised to handle it all in the dynamic cannabis landscape.

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3, Higher Visibility’s





Meet HigherVisibility – the solution to declining traffic, insufficient leads, and the frustration of agencies that don’t understand your business. With a track record of working with diverse companies, from small businesses to Fortune 1000s, HigherVisibility is committed to being more than just an agency – they aim to be your partner. Understanding your pain points and business concerns, their goal is to develop a customized strategy tailored to your specific needs, regardless of your business’s size or industry. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter approaches and hello to a dedicated partner in HigherVisibility.

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4, The Influence Agency





The Influence Agency, established in 2017 in Toronto, is an award-winning Influencer and Digital Marketing Agency. Specializing in tailored digital advertising solutions, they have earned recognition for delivering performance-based marketing campaigns for global brands. The agency’s expertise spans various aspects of digital marketing, addressing brand needs through engaging Influencer and Social Media campaigns, crafting unique custom content, and developing intelligent SEO and Paid Media strategies to foster business growth. Trust The Influence Agency for comprehensive and effective digital marketing solutions.

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5, New Perspective




New Perspective is an innovative and dynamic growth marketing agency with over two decades of experience, strategically located in the Northeast. As pioneers in the industry, they thrive on embracing game-changing ideas and approaches that are innovative, new, and environmentally conscious. Committed to making a positive impact, New Perspective is dedicated to helping businesses achieve growth through performance-based marketing strategies. With a forward-thinking mindset, they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing to deliver impactful results. Their team is driven by a passion for positive change and a commitment to excellence, making them a trusted partner for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s competitive market.

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