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Best 5 OEM and ODM license plate frame suppliers

License plate frames have evolved from simple functional accessories to stylish and customizable elements that allow vehicle owners to showcase their individuality and preferences. As the demand for personalized license plate frames grows, manufacturers have introduced two key options: OEM and ODM license plate frames.

What are OEM License Plate Frames

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license plate frames are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, which means they are produced by the same company that manufactures the vehicle itself. These frames are often designed to match the overall aesthetics of the vehicle, creating a seamless and integrated look. OEM license plate frames typically bear the vehicle manufacturer’s logo or branding, reinforcing the brand identity.

What are ODM License Plate Frames

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) license plate frames, on the other hand, are designed and manufactured by specialized companies that offer customizable options to match individual preferences. These frames provide more flexibility in terms of design, materials, and finishes, allowing vehicle owners to tailor their license plate frames to their unique style.

Custom License Plate Frames for Dealers

For car dealerships, custom license plate frames present a valuable marketing tool and branding opportunity. By offering license plate frames featuring the dealership’s logo, contact information, or promotional messages, dealers can extend their brand presence and enhance customer retention. Custom license plate frames create a sense of professionalism and add value to the vehicle purchase experience.

Custom License Plate Frame Suppliers

With the growing demand for unique and customized license plate frames, numerous suppliers specialize in producing personalized frames to suit every taste and preference. These suppliers collaborate with car enthusiasts, dealerships, and businesses to create high-quality, custom-designed license plate frames that elevate the overall appearance of vehicles. If you also want Custom License Plate Frame for your car here are the Best OEM and ODM license plate frame 5 suppliers for you.

1,  Zhi-duo 






The products you are looking for are available directly from us. Guohua Chen is the company’s legal representative as well as its founder. In 2010, he founded this company with RMB 500,000 as registered capital, and his belief also became its purpose.

After years of hard work, the company expanded its business scope including producing license plate frames, other automotive accessories, sampling, tent processing, handicraft and art craft processing, plastic products manufacturing, punching processing, mold manufacturing, OEM and ODM services, etc. In addition, the company imports and exports self-employed and agent goods and technologies, except those that are restricted or prohibited by law. In mainland China, we also have offices in Beijing.

2,  Elicenseplateframes





At elicenseplateframes.com, you can order custom license plate frames. We have a frame designer tool that will help you create the perfect frame. Elicenseplateframes.com, a subsidiary of Car Stickers Inc., was founded in 2002 and offers quantities ranging from 1 to 10,000. With our custom design tool, you can create high quality license plate frames. You will find one of the most comprehensive catalogs of license plate frames online when you open our virtual doors.

Warning, Dog will bite! License Plate Frame

Custom Eagle Chrome License Plate Frame

3, Alibaba






Website: https://www.alibaba.com/

Alibaba.com was founded in 1999 and is the world’s largest wholesale marketplace. It is our mission as part of the Alibaba Group to make it easy to do business anywhere in the world. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers worldwide.
In order to accomplish this, we provide suppliers with the tools needed to reach a global audience, and we help buyers find products and suppliers quickly and easily.

Bling Rhinestone License Plate Frame for Women Sparkly Diamond License Plate Frame Glitter License Plate Holder

Embossed custom license plate frame

4,  Camincusa







Website: https://www.camincusa.com/

Our products stand out among the competition because they come straight from our own state-of-the-art facilities, where skilled craftsmen and advanced processes transform the finest materials.
As all Camisasca products must pass rigorous exterior testing to meet automotive industry standards, attention to detail carries the value chain. Componentry and flexible equipment capabilities ensure competitive pricing while allowing us to offer unique customizations.




Slim license plate frame

5、Sid Savage





Dailymag Corporation has extensive experience in the manufacture of magnet assemblies, tools and products. We also have advanced product quality planning and statistical process control to monitor our product quality.
In addition, we have ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 certifications. To meet your needs, we provide quality assurance, customized solutions, professional consultation and fast delivery.


Premium Plastic Dealer License Plate Frame – 1 Color


Premium Plastic Dealer License Plate Frame – 1 Color