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Best 5 pig farm equipments companies in China 2022

If you are a farmer, you will agree that simple farm equipment makes work easier for them, and believe me, it is no different for the pig farmers as well.

There is no doubt that if you want to be successful in the piggery farming business, you will need to have the right equipment for the pig production process if you want to succeed.

Using pig farming equipment on your farm will make it very easy for you to perform your daily management operations on your farm.

You will be able to keep a larger number of pigs on your farm the more equipment you have on your farm, and you will require less labour as well.

There is some basic equipment that can be found on the local market and is easy to obtain.

Depending on the requirements of the farm, you may want to consider fabricating some of the equipment locally as a means of reducing costs.

Pigs have a wide range of equipment available for the purpose of giving them water, food, vet services, handling, weighing, and housing.

Below are the best 5 pig farm equipments companies in China 2022:

1, pigequipments






As of 2012, the Shengrui company has been producing pig equipment for a number of years. From a single series of pig breeding products to a full range of intelligent breeding equipment, the company has been committed to independent research and innovation for over ten years. Currently, the company’s products are sold in over 20 countries around the world, making it among the world’s largest suppliers of pig breeding products. Over the past few years, they have witnessed the comprehensive popularization of pig breeding technology and raising technology in China since 2012, and witnessed the development of pig breeding technology around the world. For more than ten years, they have adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship in our work. With the advancement of pig breeding technology in the world, the company has developed a series of products that have independent intellectual property rights to fit the domestic market under the condition that the original key equipment in the domestic market was blank, which would be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of pig farms. There is no question that the main equipment is the most popular on the domestic and international markets. Currently, domestic pig equipment is developing in a large-scale and intensive manner, requiring a higher level of quality and efficiency, and therefore demand the company to continue to develop intelligent and Internet-controlled equipment in order to meet the higher requirements of the animal breeding industry.

2, smartherdsman




There are many countries in the world where they ship their automatic pig farm equipment and swine feeding accessories. If you are looking for hog feeders and waterers, stainless steel sow troughs, piglet floors and crates, or galvanized silos and filling systems, they have what you need.

Their design is furnished with your farm size. They have been providing customers with swine housing and feeding equipment for over 20 years with extensive aftersale services to ensure that they keep them happy.

3, debabrother






They are a professional supplier of animal husbandry equipment (Debabrother) located in Qingdao, Shandong province, with convenient sea transportation. They have been committed to developing and providing comfortable and efficient equipment for animals since their establishment in 2010.

With over ten years’ experience in animal husbandry engineering, their engineers have created and provided a wide range of advanced equipment, including farrowing crates, stalls, feeders, slats and troughs. Their factories manufacture all the products they developed, and now DebaBrother is one of China’s most famous high-end brands. The majority of their products are exported to Europe, Australia, Russia, the USA, and Latin America, in addition to the Chinese market.

4, sxequipment





Shengxin Metalware, established in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of modern livestock farming equipment. They provide a wide range of high quality livestock stalls, crates, and related equipment at competitive prices to their customers. It is also possible for them to customize any of their metal products according to the buyer’s requirements.

Among their main products are cattle housing systems, pig housing systems, and sheep housing systems. They provide farrowing crates for pig sows, gestation crates for piglets, nursery crates for piglets, large finishing pens for pigs, cattle headlocks, dairy cattle free stalls, sheep headlocks, and lambing crates for sheep. Their products have been recognized by customers around the world for their design and quality for many Chinese livestock equipment groups.

5, musagro





In Zhengzhou City, in the center of the People’s Republic of China, Zhengzhou Mus Agro Tech Co., Ltd is one of the most experienced pig farming equipment manufacturers in the country. Their mission is to provide farm owners in different regions and places around the world with high-quality and green husbandry equipment and solutions.

As one of the leading companies in the industry, Mus Agro has over 20 research and development engineers and 50 project commissioning engineers, providing services to clients throughout Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, as well as Africa. Hundreds of sound project feedback have informed ther decision to keep going in the direction of their mission.

3 manufacturing bases of Mus Agro are located in Jiyuan City, Dengfeng City, and Tieling City, covering an area of 35,000 square meters. AI robots are used to cut, bend, and weld pig crates and pennetts, automated feeding equipment, ventilation equipment, chicken cage systems, and manure collection and processing systems, which are designed to meet the high quality and accuracy requirements of equipment.