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Best 5 Industrial Custom Casters manufacturers in 2023

Industrial custom casters are specialized heavy-duty industrial grade casters designed to suit a variety of applications. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, allowing for increased design flexibility. Common types of industrial custom casters include:

  • Light Duty: Light duty casters are designed to support light application loads and are generally made using thin-walled steel or aluminum. These casters are most often used in lighter type applications, such as carts and rolling furniture.
  • Medium Duty: Medium duty casters are designed to support larger loads and are typically constructed from rigid steel or aluminum tubing. These casters are most often used in commercial and industrial applications, such as conveyor systems and machine stands.
  • Heavy Duty: Heavy duty casters are designed for the heaviest applications, and are typically constructed from thick-walled steel or aluminum tubing. These casters are most commonly used in industrial applications such as material handling systems and industrial process equipment.

By utilizing industrial custom casters, you can add increased maneuverability and strength to any application.

How to select the right industrial caster ?

Selecting the right industrial caster for your specific application requires careful consideration of several factors.

When selecting an industrial caster, consider:

  • Capacity: Know how much weight the caster needs to be able to support
  • Mobility: Look for casters with options that offer the desired amount of maneuverability
  • Type of Surface: Make sure you select a caster that is suitable for the surface it will be used on
  • Maintenance: Some casters require more frequent maintenance than others
  • Environment: Do you need a caster that can handle harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors?

Once you have determined which caster meets your needs, be sure to test and inspect carefully before installing. Properly maintained moving parts are mandatory to ensure your casters stay in working order.

Best 5 Industrial Custom Casters manufacturers in 2023

1, Gogocasters





As a leading manufacturer of high-quality casters and materials handling products, the Gogo Caster Company has been serving businesses for over 41 years by providing them with a wide range of high-quality casters and materials handling products, covering the food service industry, the medical supply industry as well as other areas of business

The next-generation casters are developed by GOGO Caster using its own technology and delivered to its customers at a speed that meets the delivery deadline, exceeding the expectations of its customers.

2, Rwmcasters





The RWM team of designers and engineers can create a complete 3D rendering of any product you request using computer-aided design (CAD). You can count on their team to provide you with anything you need, from aerospace wheels capable of carrying 15,000 lbs of load to products designed to withstand high speed towing to ergonomic solutions for existing fleets of carts.






Industrial Caster & Wheel Co. has been in business since 1966, and has been a leader in caster manufacturing, marketing, and distribution for more than 40 years. The Industrial Caster & Wheel Co. specializes in casters for all kinds of industries, from institutional to industrial. Besides offering light duty institutional casters, the company also offers heavy duty industrial casters that will perform even in the most extreme environments. You will find caster solutions on their website that satisfy virtually every requirement you may have. Whether you are designing a new product or are looking for replacement casters or wheels for a current product, they have casters to meet your needs.

4, Durastarcasters





The company has been manufacturing top quality casters and wheels for over 30 years and offers a diverse range of products including not only casters, but also wire containers, wheels, and rollers to cater for every need in almost every industry.

5, Casterconnection





Caster Connection offers casters and wheels to meet your needs, whether you need recommendations from Caster Solutions Experts or want to buy them online.

Founded in 1987 by Sally Hughes, it manufactures casters and wheels, as well as distributes elite brand casters, wheels, and other material handling products. With this founding principle, Caster Connection is both a manufacturer of casters and wheels, and a master distributor of these products. A company must continually seek ways to help its clients succeed in order to provide the best value for their investments in casters and wheels.