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Best 5 medical caster suppliers 2023

The Gogocasters medical equipment casters and hospital bed casters are designed to offer versatility and to be ergonomically operated as well. Swivel casters manufactured by Gogocasters are crafted from high quality materials that are subjected to rigorous quality control standards, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance.

There are a variety of medical and hospital furniture, electronic equipment, and appliances, available in this range, which feature distinctive, attractive design styles that can be used for hospital beds, anesthetic, diagnostic, and treatment equipment, and an extensive range of accessories as well.

The funcitons of medical caster wheels

Medical caster wheels are used in the medical field to provide mobility for medical equipment and supplies. They can often be found on hospital beds, wheelchairs and transportation carts, as well as providing base support for many medical instruments like IV pumps and other devices. Their design allows for easy movement and maneuverability, as well as stability and control during operation.

What to look for when choosing a medical caster

Weight capacity is the most important factor when selecting medical casters. Casters need to be strong enough to carry the load, so it’s important to know the total weight before purchasing. Other important considerations include steadiness, rolling resistance, installation type and floor surface type.

Installation type also needs to be taken into consideration. Different kinds of mounting plates are needed for different kinds of attachment types. Finally, floor surface type dictates what kind of wheels should be chosen. Soft casters work great on hardwood floors, while hard casters perform best on concrete.

Best 5 medical caster suppliers 2023

1,  Gogocasters





The Gogo Caster Company is proud to serve businesses for over 41 years with a wide selection of high-quality casters and materials handling products from the food service industry to the medical supply industry and other industries

To meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of its customers, GOGO Caster is developing the next-generation casters with its own technology and delivering them to them at a speed that meets the delivery date in order to exceed the expectations of its customers.

2, Medcaster





Colson Group USA is an operating unit of Colson GroupTM, the largest manufacturer of casters and wheels in the world. Colson Group USA has a strong track record of innovation in casters for more than 350 years. Through this drive, they have been able to create some of the most advanced, reliable, and high-quality mobility solutions available in the world today, and they are able to achieve this today. With Colson Group’s unique and proprietary global footprint, they provide a wide range of services and capabilities that are unmatched by any other company.

3, Casterconnection





Caster Connection provides casters and wheels to meet your needs. Whether you need recommendations from Caster Solutions Experts, or prefer to buy casters online, they have you covered.

It was founded in 1987 in Chardon, Ohio by Sally Hughes, a manufacturer of casters and wheels, as well as a master distributor of elite brand casters, wheels, and other material handling products. With this founding principle, Caster Connection is a manufacturer of casters and wheels, as well as a master distributor of these products. In order for their company to provide their clients with the most value for their investments in casters and wheels, they must continually seek ways to offer solutions that will help them succeed.

4, Steinco





With over a decade’s experience developing and manufacturing castors and wheels, they have become a reliable and popular supplier of these products. Aside from moving products in hospitals and medical practices, offices and business properties, distribution of food in commercial kitchens and aircraft, as well as many other mobile applications, they also move products in hospitals and medical practices. Their company has a long history as a medium-sized family-run company that prides itself on offering many innovative product ideas that are highly sought after around the world.

5, Faultlesscaster





Faultless Caster has been a leader in caster manufacturing since 1889, establishing itself in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The company is named after Bernard H. Noelting, who perfected a “faultless” furniture caster in his Nebraska City, Nebraska hardware store. He was in charge of moving Faultless to Evansville, Indiana, in 1913, to be near what was then one of the world’s leading manufacturing centers for furniture.

The Faultless Caster company is now backed by the Colson Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of casters and wheels, which produces more than 190,000 casters every day, supporting any industry that moves.