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Best 5 Pig Feeding Line System Suppliers

Pig farming is a lucrative business that requires the implementation of sound management practices to achieve maximum profitability. One of these practices is feeding management which plays a crucial role in pig growth and productivity. To ensure optimal feeding in pig farming, a Pig Feeding Line System has been developed.

The Pig Feeding Line System is an automated feeding method that uses a series of technologies to optimize feed consumption in pigs. The system consists of feeding troughs, augers, sensors, and software that work together to ensure that each pig receives the right amount of feed according to its weight, age, and nutritional needs.

The feeding system uses sensors that detect how much feed is already in the trough, and then sends this information to the computer. The computer calculates how much additional feed should be added, based on pre-programmed settings for the age and weight of the pigs in that particular pen.

This feeding system offers several advantages to pig farmers as it reduces labor costs, saves time, and ensures that pigs get fed accurately and timely. Additionally, the feeding line system can regulate feed intake by detecting and monitoring overfeeding and underfeeding. Consequently, farmers can manage ration and costs more effectively, reducing unnecessary waste.

In conclusion, pig feeding line systems are an essential technological advancement in modern pig farming. They have revolutionized feeding management by optimizing feeding regimes, reducing labor costs, and ensuring feeding accuracy. As a result, they offer pig farmers the potential to increase their returns on investment significantly.

Here are the best 5 pig feeding line system suppliers:

1, Pigequipments





In 2012, it was founded and has been producing pig equipment ever since. The company has been focusing on independent research and innovation for the past ten years. The company has now expanded to manufacture intelligent breeding equipment as well as pig breeding products. It is currently supplying equipment for breeding pigs to over 20 countries, making it one of the world’s largest suppliers.

The development of pig breeding and raising techniques has become increasingly popular in China and abroad over the past decade.

In order to meet the needs of pig farms, the company developed products independent of its intellectual property rights to meet the progress of pig breeding technology around the world, as the original key equipment was blank. The main equipment dominates both domestically and internationally.

2, Schauer

Agrotronic offers a wide range of animal-friendly farming systems for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. You can use their knowledge to create the perfect system for your livestock farm.

3, Agriexpo





At VirtualExpo, they aim to achieve and embrace diversity and balance in all forms. The company’s philosophy revolves around three major principles: Vision – Culture – Agility. Sharing and bringing this work culture to life is just as important as the company’s strategy. With its talent-filled environment, it allows them to collaborate, communicate, and celebrate one another.

4, Growket





In 1985, Alfonso Garrido founded Symaga to manufacture livestock equipment and silos. It is a multi-national Spanish company that exports more than 90% of its production and is present in more than 145 countries around the world. Up until 2016, Symaga had three business lines: agriculture equipment, livestock equipment, and industrial silos. In addition to feed silos and flex auger and chain delivery systems, Growket Symaga Group manufactures broiler feeding lines.

5, Hogslat





The company was started by Billy Herring when he was operating a farrow-to-finish farm near Newton Grove, NC and couldn’t find appropriate flooring for a nursery he wanted to construct. As a result, he built his own slats, relying on his experience and ingenuity. After noticing the quality of his product, other producers called him for help, and a small family business was born. This company produces a wide range of equipment for hogs and poultry farms today.