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Best 5 China Amazon Fba Inspection service companies

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is an inspection that is carried out at the end of the whole procedure. This inspection is done to ensure the quality, quantity and many other parameters to ensure that the customer gets the original product. China Amazon Fba Inspection service helps Amazon sellers guarantee the quality and compliance of their products before they are sent to Amazon’s contentment centres for storage and delivery.

Amazon provided a checklist to check the quality measures of products. The product will pass through this checklist before it is listed on the Amazon store. Many Amazon FBA inspection service provider companies help Amazon sellers maintain the quality of their products by inspecting their products before going to the Amazon centre for checking and shipment.

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When doing the Amazon FBA audit, 5 China Amazon FBA inspection service providers look for several things, including:

  • The order quantity is based on the specifications provided by the client
  • Verifies that the product quality specifications meet the standards given by Amazon.
  • Conduct the necessary field testing to ensure that the products meet quality standards.
  • Determine the weight and dimensions of the carton. Verify that it complies with FBA standards.
  • Verify that the package complies with Amazon’s FBA packaging requirements.

Sellers can lessen the possibility of paying fines or having their products taken off the Amazon marketplace because of non-compliance issues by using a China Amazon FBA inspection service. Additionally, this service might lessen the likelihood of unfavourable customer reviews and assist sellers in retaining a favourable reputation. This is a crucial phase in the process of using Amazon FBA to sell goods. Here are the Best 5 China Amazon FBA inspection service companies that will help you to become a good seller on Amazon.

1, Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co., Ltd.




Eagle Eyes Quality Inspection Co., Ltd. stands as a professional Third Party Inspection company with a specialization in a range of services, including China Inspection Services, Amazon FBA Inspection, Factory Audit, and Container Loading Supervision. They warmly welcome prospective clients to collaborate with them and experience firsthand their expertise in delivering top-quality inspection and audit solutions.






QIMA operates with a steadfast mission: to furnish their clients with intelligent solutions for the development of dependable consumer products. They seamlessly merge the capabilities of on-site professionals specializing in quality inspections, supplier audits, certification, and laboratory testing with a cutting-edge digital platform. This combination yields precision, transparency, and valuable insights regarding quality and compliance.

With a global presence spanning 95 countries, QIMA collaborates with more than 17,000 renowned global brands, retailers, manufacturers, and food producers, playing a pivotal role in elevating product quality to a state of excellence. Their team of 4,000 dedicated employees adheres to a set of core values that shape their daily choices and actions, embodying the distinct QIMA approach to service

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3, V- Trust





When it comes to achieving success on the Amazon FBA platform, Amazon FBA sellers recognize the paramount importance of upholding product quality. Amazon FBA inspections serve as a crucial component in guaranteeing the quality of products, instilling confidence that they meet the requisite standards for excellence. These inspections not only help in significantly mitigating the risk of recalls but also contribute to heightened customer satisfaction and the preservation of a seller’s reputation.

V-Trust Inspection Service, a globally recognized leader in the field of product inspection and quality control services, stands as a valuable resource for Amazon FBA sellers striving to excel in the delivery of top-quality products to their customers. Their expertise in this domain reinforces their role as a trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing product quality standards.

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4, AQI





Since its establishment in 2004, AQI Service has remained steadfast in its dedication to providing invaluable product inspection and factory audit services. Through more than 15 years of evolution and development, AQI Service has solidified its role as a pivotal partner in the realm of Quality Control for clients across Asia. The services they offer have played a pivotal part in diminishing risks, refining operational processes, boosting efficiency, expediting time-to-market, and safeguarding the brand value and reputation of their clients.

With the utilization of a comprehensive account service management system, AQI Service efficiently and affordably delivers solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of businesses, granting them a heightened sense of security and comfort in the Asian market. Here, we enumerate the advantages that underscore AQI Service’s unwavering commitment to the satisfaction and success of their clients.

Pre Production Inspection

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5, Guide imports




Guide imports mission is to position themselves as the premier and highly recommended service for sourcing, quality control, shipping, and automated supply chain management within China. With a specific focus on serving Fortune 500 companies and rapidly expanding e-commerce brands, the company assumes the critical role of overseeing manufacturing operations on the China side for importers. This approach effectively relieves their clients of operational burdens, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

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