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Best 5 Exchange Gift Cards Sites Online 2023

Did you ever receive a gift card for a store that you never shop at? The purpose of these dedicated websites is to allow you to exchange gift cards for cash, so you can finally make use of the money that sits on a gift card from your relative who keeps asking if you’ve spent it. In addition to the fact that there is often a fee associated with exchanging the gift card, you may not receive the full value of your gift card as cash as well. There’s no doubt that it’s far better than sitting in a cupboard gathering dust when you have the chance to sell it! The majority of the sites that are featured in this guide offer between 80-85% of the gift card’s value, so you can still put the money to good use.

How Do You Sell Gift Cards?

The process is simple and fast, with many sites offering payment within a few days after you sell your card. You can sell individual cards of any denominations or bulk if you have multiple cards from the same retailer.

If you are selling gift cards online, it’s essential to use a reputable website. Read the website’s guidelines on what information you need to provide when listing a card. Some sites may require you to register before you can sell.

You can make money selling gift cards online depending on the retailer and the balance remaining on the card. Some popular gift cards sell well online, such as those from Amazon, Goldbelly and Target.

Best 5 Exchange Gift Cards Sites Online 2023

1, Giftngpay





It is a team of professionals who specialize in the recycling of gift cards that is part of the GiftPay team. In order to create the best recycling platform for gift cards, the GiftPay team combines all the scientific transaction methods in a very professional manner. They will do their very best to meet all your requirements.

One of the reasons for the founding of Gingngpay is that they have set out to create an easy-to-use, safe-trading platform, which is the safest trading platform in Africa, in order to create a Google trading experience for all customers in need, not for a high profit but for the development of Africa as a whole.

2, Gameflip





Video game-related products can be purchased and sold on this particular platform, GameFlip, which is unique in that it helps people buy and sell them. It is similar to eBay and Upwork, but is geared towards gamers. It allows you to buy and sell game items, in-game items, video games, NFTs, movies, collectibles, and accessories. There are creative gigs, such as setting up custom Discord servers or building things in games, where you can buy and sell time playing with pro gamers.

Through a website called GameFlip, you can sell unused prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Amazon, App Store, Google Play, PlayStation, and Xbox Live. It is recommended to discount the cards between 2% and 15%, but you have complete control over how much you list them for.

GameFlip will transfer the funds to your GameFlip wallet when the card sells (you set this up when you set up your account), and you can withdraw the funds to Payoneer, Skrill, Wise, or Bitcoin. PayPal is no longer supported.

3, Cardsell





There is an app called Cardsell that can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices that allows you to sell gift cards online instantly for cash. The app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the app, enter your gift card information, and you will receive an offer price. Once you have received your offer price, you can exchange your gift cards for cash.

You can sell a wide variety of gift cards through Cardsell. No matter what kind of gift card you have, whether it’s a Walmart gift card, a Target gift card, or something else, you can sell at Cardsell and get paid within 48 hours via PayPal. With the Cardsell app, you will be able to sell gift cards easily and quickly online because it is so fast and convenient.

The fact that you are selling directly to Cardsell may result in a lower payout price than if you were selling to one of the other options that you have available to you due to the fact that you are selling directly to Cardsell.

4, Cardcash





Founded in 2008, CardCash provides discount gift cards to customers worldwide. The company was ranked among the nation’s fastest-growing companies for six consecutive years by Inc 5000.

On CardCash’s “Sell” page, you can enter a retailer name and how much is left on your card to see how much your card is worth. You can also check how much you can make if you sell your card.

CardCash might seem to be under a misconception that it isn’t the best place, but the website does not mention that they charge sellers fees, like Raise does. After your order is approved, CardCash will send you your funds via check in the mail, ACH deposit, or PayPal — you should receive them in one to two working days. There is only a small verification fee.

5, Clipkard





ClipKard offers you a value based on the retail value of your used or unused gift cards in addition to buying them from just about any retailer. You simply need to fill out some information about your card, and ClipKard will give you an offer based on its retail value and its brand.

You can choose to ship the cards via either USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail. If you decide to use USPS First Class, ClipKard will cover the shipping costs. If you decide to use the USPS Priority Mail service, it falls on you to pay for the shipping.

In addition, ClipKard may also accept returns for gift cards under certain circumstances. However, this doesn’t apply to situations in which you want to return unwanted gift cards to the company.