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Why are Poly Chain Belts and Other Types of Belts Used Differently?

Poly Chain Belt

Belts are used taking into consideration the requirements of specific job functions in the manufacturing process. Different belts are used because each specific manufacturing process requires a different functionality where belts have a major work to perform in synchrony with other machines. Only high-quality belts like the ZZR Poly Chain Belt can do the functions speedily, efficiently, and economically. Frequent changes in belts by manufacturers can delay the process and also increase the cost of production. ZZR carries a mission to give the best products including polyurethane timing belts, rubber timing belts, V-belts, etc so that customers across the world benefit in quality, efficiency, and low price. The company currently is the leading supplier of high-grade industrial and commercial belts and has one of the best shipping policies so that the same is delivered to the clients within the scheduled time.

There are various kinds of belts and the company has stocked large supplies of the same at their warehouse so that clients do not have to face any shortages. The belts are used according to specific applications during a process and for the most suitable belt for your needs you may approach their highly trained and skilled technicians over email or phone.


Varied Uses of V-Belts and Poly Chain Belts


You will be astonished by the number of applications where belts are used and these may aid in small, medium to large functions. Each kind of belt is manufactured with modern equipment and advanced product technology which distinguishes one from the other. The company has installed a supportive information system to ensure high efficiency in the manufacturing process. The belts differ in the way they are used.

V-belts are friction devices and work on the principle called the wedge system. It relies on tension to create friction and it is best applied in works where slippages are important or otherwise may lead to breaking or bending of important tools and machines.

The V-Belt is best applicable from low to high horsepower and is perfect for multiple belts arranged side-by-side in places where the most economical drive is necessary. The poly chain belt on the other hand is employed in several functions and is available in a wide variety of sizes and construction. These are used in the food industry where cleanliness is a priority and mainly in industries where there will be no shedding.


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If you wish any kind of solution to difficult problems you may contact their expert team consisting of highly experienced technical staff and engineers. You will get the most suitable solution and get guidance for areas where poly chain belts, V-belts, or other types of belts including customized belts can be used.

The team of experts is always looking for challenges and can tackle any problem using communication and diagrams alone. You may click here to place your queries and get an immediate reply.

The company staff makes use of advanced product technology and a highly efficient manufacturing system. They construct most belts, especially the poly chain belts with nylon coating, and fabric covering, and are made for working temperatures -54 to 85 degrees C.