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Top 5 LPG Cylinder Manufacturers in Nigeria


The NLPGA has just revealed that about 90 percent of LPG in the nation is presently being included in gas tanks which are over 30 years old and require replacement. This introduces another massive chance to air travel manufacturers and LPG providers to leap on. Nigeria wants new cylinders and requires that the previous ones to be removed of the marketplace. The security risk that the previous cylinders’ present shouldn’t be neglected and will just get worse as more time passes. It has been estimated that the nation will need about 3 million cooking gas tanks every year. There’s currently just one functioning LPG cylinder manufacturing firm in the nation that generates around 400,000 cooking gas cylinder every year.

The industry desperately needs additional cylinder bottling and recertification centers to ensure the continuing safety of LPG users. This is particularly necessary in making sure that the present population that’s using firewood and kerosene may feel secure using LPG instead. It won’t help the situation whatsoever if new users that are fearful of using LPG find out that the LPG they’re using, is actually posing a threat to them. To guarantee the continuing growth and proliferation of usage of LPG, Nigerians using LPG and kerosene have to have complete confidence that using LPG isn’t dangerous. This is only one of the significant concerns of these using firewood and kerosene for cooking.

All of the ideal facets appear to be falling into place to establish the perfect platform for the business to liftoff and take its place with other African countries prevalent LPG usage. The mixture of a demand for a steady source of LPG and newfound Authorities service is paving the way for the age of proliferation and growth of the LPG sector in Nigeria. The door has opened, so make sure you catch the bull by the horns and not allow this window of opportunity pass you — be a part of this shift that will occur within this terrific African nation.

The following are top 5 LPG Cylinder Manufacturers in Nigeria




TIANLONG CYLINDER NIGERIA is a dynamic business with unparallel ability and Chinese technologies enrolled in Nigeria to fabricate industrial and national cylinders, household products and accessories. It’s a business of qualified hybrid Professionals located in Nigeria; with TIANLONG CYLINDER CHINA as specialized partners.

“TIANLONG CYLINDER NIGERIA” was incorporated in 2013 with the Corporate Affairs Commission under Companies and Allied Matters Acts (2004) to execute the manufacture of different sizes of cylinders including 12.5kg, 6kg, 5kg, 3kg etc. and canister accessories as regulators, hose and whistles.

2, Techno oil

Techno oil


Techno oil has assembled the first fully native automated LPG cylinder production plant in Kajola, Lagos, Nigeria. The plant has the capacity to produce more than 5 million pieces of high excellent LPG cylinders annually.

The cylinders have been in various sizes of 3kg, 6kg, 12.5kg, and 50kg and so forth. It’s our anticipation that with the commissioning of this plant, LPG cylinders wouldn’t longer be imported into Nigeria

This landmark project is an attempt to deepen the LPG adoption in Nigeria and change households in the usage of fire forests or kerosene into the usage of LPG that’s cleaner, safer, healthier and more economical to use as a source of energy.




LPG CYLINDER SALES provides you customized LPG cylinders and cylinder parts. Our firm employs metal industry expertise to make cylinders. You may contact us in case your capacity doesn’t meet your needs or your infrastructure isn’t enough to create a few goods.

Our cylinders might be employed with various gases indoors. Using a tube, you may safely store unique gases. You might even raise the usage regions of the cylinders as a result of the various gear we provide.

Every item will be made with caution. We’re extremely careful to provide your purchase safely and immediately.

It is possible to buy full LPG cylinder or cylinder accessories & parts.

4, Jianhua Hardware Factory



It’s the Cixi Zhouxiang Jianhua Hardware Factory,established in 1997,situated in Zhouxiang Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province.It is an expert maker of gas grills,gas valves,gas pressure regulators,gas fittings and gasoline planting stoves.Since 2008,our goods are exported to over 20 countries and areas including Ghana,Nigeria,Libya,Mali,Côte d’Ivoire,Senegal,Sri Lanka and even Ethiopia.We have won an increasing number of clients with superior quality and warmly welcome clients from all around the world.Establish long-term small business connections with us.We work together to produce a greater future.We feel that we have to be your great option!

5, Daly Cylinder

5, Daly Cylinder


• Launched in 1981 at Central China (Xiantao City, Hubei Province, China)

• Within 30 years expertise at LPG Cylinders

• Among Top 3 providers in China in LPG cylinders industry

• Manufacturing permit of Special Gear

• Issued by Chinese national institution

• Formulate and alter Chinese National Standard (GB5842)

• Generation – 5 million gallons yearly

• Willing to Follow distinct Global code and neighborhood code

• Exported into Europe/Asia/Latin America/Africa successfully

We’ve got two invested businesses and 3 manufacturing plants that makes us can provide broad assortment of gas cylinders, including stainless steel gas cylinders, aluminum alloy gas stoves, acetylene cylinders, CNG cylinders (Type 1 & Type 2 & Type 3), LPG cylinders, Liquid Chlorine Cylinders and compacted Ammonia Cylinders, etc.. Each of the Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders we provide can be made chiefly according to GB5099 normal, ISO9809 normal and En1964 normal, the Aluminum Gas Cylinders are made based on GB11640 conventional and also the Acetylene Gas Cylinders are made based on GB11638 standard. Our gas stoves are frequently applied to a lot of industries like chemical, health, pesticide, metallurgy, paper industry, rubber, vinyl, textile, printing and dyeing, food, water purification, lighting industry, power, fire-fighting, along with automatics.