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Best 5 Upender Manufacturers in China 2022

As we all know, ergonomic solutions are a necessity for the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) represented over 30% of all workplace injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work (DAFW). According to the Center for Disease Control, workplace musculoskeletal disorders cost workers’ compensation, lost wages, and lost productivity between $45 and $54 billion per year.

In order to identify ways to increase worker safety, you can use a variety of tools and resources, such as conducting routine audits and planning for improvement, that are available to you. Among the best ergonomic practices is the use of lifting aids to improve safety because the equipment reduces the need for lifting, turning, twisting, and bending, which are among the top ergonomic best practices. A variety of lifting aids are available, including forklifts, hoists, scissor lifts, tilters, stackers, conveyors, pallet trucks, and others. Would you be familiar with the Upender if I asked you?

A mechanical upender rotates products and is used for rotating, turning, or positioning heavy or awkward loads in a variety of production and maintenance applications. Electric or hydraulic drive systems are available for upenders, and they come with heavy-duty brakes to stop the load in any position. The Upender is designed as a lifting and maneuvering tool that makes it easier for workers to lift and move products during manufacturing and assembly in order to reduce the risks for employee injuries during manufacturing and assembly. Upenders have been widely adopted in the handling of steel.

A new product from Fhopepack, the Upender, is designed to reposition large, round, and oddly shaped products, such as dies, rolls, or coils, in the right place. There are many applications for the Fhopepack in the manufacturing and assembly industries, as well as palletizing and shipping at the end of the line. It can tilt loads up to 95 degrees in order to change the vertical or horizontal orientation of heavy, awkward products. It may be capable of supporting loads of more than 8,000 pounds and can be controlled via the Fhopepack‘s integrated switches for a wide range of speeds, powering options, and control options to fit the needs of the customer.

Below are the best 5 Upender Manufacturers in China 2022:

1, fhopepack





Fhope is a professional supplier to provide stretch wrapping/packing solution. The hallmark of success for Fhope owns its ability to create custom designs based on the specifications of our clients in the industry. As part of its ongoing commitment, the company aims to provide innovative long-term solutions for coil processors that allow them to meet the needs of their end users with consistently high-quality, and cost-effective packaging solutions. Its main products include coil packing machines, straight object packing machines, wrapping machines, shrink wrappers, shrink machines, stretch wrapping machines, packaging materials, coil tilters, and so on.

2, shjlpack







The company has over two decades of experience in the field of ring type wrapping machine and handling equipment design, manufacture and programming. They have developed into a leading coil packing solution turnkey manufacturing company serving customers around the world.






As a professional manufacturer of steel coil straightening machines, slitting machines, cut to length line machines, flat steel machines, coil upenders, briquetting machines and other machines, Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory has been operating since 1988. Wuxi has a good reputation for steel warehousing in the cold rolling and strip industries.

In addition to being extensively used in the factory, they also produced the kit of feeding carts, shelling of the hull, clipping to send, washing and unrolling the sour washing units in addition to the units we produced that were used in manufacturing cold rolled tack steel and welded tubes. Then the machine set of pullipflection-correctipevev, packing plates car increased the efficiency of produce and the accuracy in the cold rolled factory.








The Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in packaging machines that are designed, manufactured, and marketed. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, they can design a variety of wrapping machines based on years of professional experience and continuous research and innovation. Their products have gained a good reputation both at home and abroad, as a result of their competitive prices, high quality, and honest service. Their company is a leader in advanced technology and they are able to offer whole terminal packing solutions to their customers. Their qualification for your reference: *Expert manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience in the field *Can provide high-quality products *Can provide updates and powerful technical support Products they offer: stretch wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, metal coil wrapping machines, steel pipe wrapping machines, copper coil wrapping machines, and other packing machines, including packagers, sealing machines, carton sealing machines, stretch wrappers, shrink packaging machines, PET tapes, PE tapes, and stretch films.





Founded in 1998, Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading and most reputable manufacturers in China specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of packaging machinery.

Under the efforts of their highly experienced engineers and technicians, they have been able to produce superior packing machines catering to customers from a variety of industries with the use of their independent research and development power as well as absorbing the most advanced technologies from across the globe.

Among their capabilities are plastic pipe bundling and strapping wrapping machines, plastic pipe bagging machines, automatic bundling and bagging machines, steel wire and coil wrapping machines, horizontal wrap-packing machines, steel pipe wrapping machines, unmanned wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, 90°/180° automatic turnover machines, shrink wrapping machines, etc.

They have already established a global sales network with their years of professional experience, strict management system, and customer-centered approach. They also have a good reputation at home as well as abroad for their products. CE, ISO9001:2008 certification, CNAB and ANAB standards are among their qualifications.