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SCD Wire Drawing for Precise Dimension Standards and Surface Finish

SCD dies

When you need precise dimension standards and excellent surface finish you need SCD dies of high performance. It is noteworthy that these dies are used in applications that need find and ultrafine wire drawing or in places where the wire surface quality is critical. In such cases, only natural diamonds are used and any other dies are improper as they create anomalies during wire drawing. Again, certain specifications are not attainable with the help of synthetic diamond dies or other kinds of dies. Hence, for specifications from 0.012 mm to 2.00 mm, SCD dies from SZWIREDIE are the most suitable and guaranteed to work. They are available in specifications ranging from 0.010 mm to 2.00 mm for wire drawing requirements. The SCD Dies from the above company shows the best results with Tungsten wire, Bonding wire, Stainless steel wire, Copper wire, and wire drawing of precious metals. It is also very durable and carries extreme hardness and wear-resistant properties than any other wire drawing dies on any kind of application.

Again, it may not perform well enough if the dies made from natural diamonds are not high-performing. For getting precise standards the dies have to be made under stringent quality standards and must have mandatorily undergone tests, checks, and trials before supplying the same to customers.


Qualities of SCD Dies


The SCD Dies have unique properties unlike other types of dies and act similarly to ND Dies. While ND stands for natural diamond, SCD means single crystal diamond dies and can be used in all applications where ND is used. SCD and ND consume very low power and this again if you have highly efficient and high-performing dies. The low consumption occurs due to low friction as the surface finish is extraordinarily smooth and perfect.

Again, SCD Dies have very high hardness and therefore last pretty long enough so that for manufacturers they can last a lifetime. It means it can be a one-time investment for them. Besides, they also have good recutability. However, the SCD Dies are not good for larger diameters, and hence a manufacturer may need to purchase high-performing quality nano dies for those applications. The Nano Dies are available from 0.50 mm to 120 mm and they are best used for stranded cables that are used in electrical transmission.

Although not as lasting as the SCD Dies, nano diamond coated dies are still 10 times more lasting than the tungsten carbide wire dies. They run without much wear for the whole length of the die and hence you can reduce your raw material costs.


Maximum Support for Improving Production


You can get maximum support from SZWIREDIE Company based on your requirements as they can suggest the kind of nano drawing die or other dies after careful evaluation of your workplace processes. The technical staff of the company is ready to guide you so that you get maximum efficiency by using the right kind of dies.

If you need more information you may contact so that their customer cell can respond to your queries immediately.