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Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids For Sale

Discover the iBstone Vive20 rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids, which include a lightweight, discrete design, four flexible programs, and a digital core built in the USA for crystal-clear sound. Enjoy more than 20 hours of continuous use with a quick 2.5–3-hour charge.  These rechargeable bte hearing aids are a comfortable solution for modern living because they are simple to use with one hand, provide several ear dome options for all-day comfort, and have a contemporary magnetic charging station. With the help of audiologists and doctors, you may finally afford the superior hearing you deserve.

Order policy of ibstone hearing

After placing your order, you have 45 days to try our BTE hearing aids products. If not, you can request a return and refund during this time. We guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent! And by FULL refund, we mean it. Contact one of our fantastic agents’ day or night.

We simplify the behind the ear hearing aid for your safety. Take advantage of iBstone’s 45-day trial period and 1-year quality guarantee by giving it a try.

After your ibstone vive20 aids order is placed, we typically dispatch the product the same day or the next working day. Products are typically delivered to customers in two to five business days.

With unrestricted support from our committed staff of certified hearing professionals, the Vive20 quality hearing aids was created to help individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss right out of the box. The invisible hearing aids K17 is as tiny as a pill, so it won’t strain your ears over time.


You may return to the clear world with these tiny completely in-canal digital affordable hearing aids with noise cancellation. The left ear has a blue device, and the right ear has a red device. The easy-to-use on/Off button makes operation simple.

Affordable hearing aids

With the help of audiologists and doctors, you may finally afford the superior hearing aids at affordable price that you deserve. With the iBstone K23 Rechargeable ITC Hearing Aids, you can improve your hearing.  These gadgets have an American-made digital core that improves speech quality and intelligently reduces noise. They offer remarkable convenience with their four programs, easy-to-use touch controls, and 20+ hours of use on a two- to three-hour charge. An extra 100 hours of backup power are provided by the portable case.

With the help of audiologists and doctors, you may finally afford the superior hearing you deserve. A technology-driven business, iBstone is committed to enhancing and enriching people’s lives.  Since our founding in 2018, we have led the way in advancing the use of technology to improve the world of hearing aids. We want to usher in a new era for hearing aid technology, provide additional comforts, and support our clients throughout their lives.

It should be more reliable and professional. Our firm is centered around providing clients with cutting-edge over-the-counter hearing aids. For those searching for practical solutions, we make hearing aids more accessible and convenient by doing away with the requirement for costly in-person sessions.