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Power Up Your Solar Project With The Ground Solar Mounting System GT7

A fantastic option for large-scale and utility-scale solar projects is the Ground Solar Mounting System GT7 by MRac Energy. It is a top option for solar carport systems and solar carport structure due to its creative design, adaptability, and compatibility with different solar modules.


Product Description


A cutting-edge method for installing large-scale and utility-scale solar power plants is the Ground Solar Mounting System GT7 by MRac. This system, which was expertly created using hot-dip galvanised steel, has outstanding structural integrity, stability, and corrosion resistance. Its creative design speeds installation while also saving you a tonne of money click here to know more.


Product Features


  • Unique Pile Design – The GT7 has a special post design that adjusts to different types of soil conditions, providing great stability for the whole thing. This mounting mechanism is capable of handling a variety of soil conditions and difficult terrain.


  • Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time – The GT7 has been engineered for efficiency and ships with pre-assembled parts. Say good-bye to time-consuming on-site drilling and cutting because this feature not only speeds up installation but also greatly lowers costs.


  • Flexibility and Adjustability – The installation of this solar mounting device is flexible. The building may be easily modified to accommodate changes in east-west, west-south, and south-north directions. This versatility makes it possible to position your solar modules in the best possible orientation, increasing energy output.


  • Compatible to Varied Solar Modules – The GT7 is made to work with several different solar modules. This system’s MRac module clamps can firmly hold modules in place whether they are framed 60-cell, 72-cell, half-cut cells, or frameless.


  • Suitable Module Types and Layout Orientation – Layouts for flexible arrays, such as horizontal orientations, are possible with the GT7. This versatility guarantees compatibility with all key market components, giving it a flexible option for a variety of solar projects.


Helpful tips while purchasing Ground Solar Mounting System GT7


  • Project Scale – As the GT7 is best suited for large- and utility-scale applications, ascertain the magnitude of your project. It is excellent for tough jobs because to its strong design and longevity.


  • Soil Conditions – Analyse the soil quality at the project location. The GT7’s distinctive pile design offers stability even in a variety of soil conditions, but it’s important to be aware of the particular difficulties your site can pose.


  • Pre-assembled Components – Utilise the time and money savings that the pre-assembled components offer. This functionality can considerably save labour expenses and streamline the installation procedure.



  • Flexibility and Adjustability – Analyse whether your solar module orientation needs to be flexible. The GT7’s flexibility is essential for maximising energy output, particularly in areas where the sun’s angle changes seasonally.


  • Solar Module Compatibility – Verify that the solar modules you have selected are compatible with the GT7. You can feel confident in your decision because of its interoperability with a variety of modules.


  • Support and Warranty – Take into account the degree of support offered by the manufacturer. In order to give customers peace of mind during the duration of the project, MRac Energy provides substantial support, including product training, installation help, and a 10-year warranty.