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Complete Set of Quality Duck Down Duvet Beddings for Whole Family

Feather products are currently in hot demand not only due to their extraordinary comforts but also due to affordable prices. The prices have come down due to specialist manufacturing bases in China and in particular in the Wuchuan. Along with low prices, the quality of goose down feather products has also increased because of technical expertise in manufacturing, processing, and use of technology. The products are now exported worldwide and the demand for the China-made products has dramatically increased for the past few years.

At Hongli Enterprises the products undergo advanced processes and they use state-of-the-art equipment including a fully automatic water washing-down process, quality inspection center, network information services, etc.


The company is one of the leading manufacturers of Down duvet items and is currently involved in developing a wider range of textile products. It means the company aims to become a one-stop-shop for consumers for bedding, ducted comforters, air-conditioned down comforters, down mattresses, down pillows, multifunctional down comforters, children’s down comforters, down sleeping bags, etc.

Huge Annual Production Capacity


Currently, the company has unmatched production capacity when it comes to a high-matching water-washed feather production line. The annual output of down products, including goose down is at 1500 tons because it is a lightweight product. Again, the annual production capacity of down feather quilt is seen at 300000 pieces.


The volume speaks for itself as there are only a few companies that can match such a scale. Above all comes the quality of the products and the company employs several skilled quality controllers and technicians to look at each stage of the process. There is also a dedicated research and development center where continuous upgrades and new inventions take place and the same is introduced into the products.


If you wish to market the products at your location you may contact them on their official website. You will get good discounts even for relatively cheaper products so that retail business in your town can take off profitably. You may buy a sample down pillow or a few other products to get acquainted with the quality and the timely shipping schedules.

 Complete Instructions on Washing and Cleaning


Like all products you may need to wash and clean the goose down feather products and likewise other items that are displayed on their website. This can prove to be a little tricky as washing feathery products is not like washing cloth. You may find their site offering good suggestions and instructions if you browse their blogs or you may place a query about any of their displayed items.


The website gives you good guidance regarding the use of comforters and how you may use the duvet cover to do the same as it is removable. Again, you shouldn’t wash your down duvet often as it may lessen its durability.


You may also gain insight about the higher demand for white duck down the color differences between the white and the grey down and why their prices also differ. The company can ship these products to any part of the world and you may choose your preferred route.