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The word sneaker comes from the verb sneak, which means to move quietly and is also connected to theft. In fact, the term sneaks were sometimes used to refer to burglars. The sole discrepancy was that, since leather shoes were the norm at the time, walking around in them produced a lot of noise, making it impossible to blend in.

When the first rubber-soled shoes made an appearance in the 19th century, they revolutionised footwear and became the ideal option for silent walking. A completely new era of sport shoes was brought about by the invention of the rubber sole and trainers.

Fascinating and unique design

What’s most fascinating is that the original sport shoes didn’t differentiate between the left and right feet. As sports shoes became widely accepted in society, an increasing number of brands and models were created. When basketball players began endorsing trainers, the industry grew rapidly, with kids lining up to purchase them.

Sun sneakers are specially designed for the following purposes. It is intended for informal attire, it is composed of softer substances, It has absence of shock absorption, and it is not invariably watertight.

The best-selling LJR Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Bone sneakers is quite the trend today. Canvas heel tabs and mesh side stripes complement the rep yeezy 350 Bone’s triple white Primeknit upper. The design is finished with a semi-translucent sole with Boost technology at the base.


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From China, they ship. The delivery time typically begins to run after shipment. Your shoes won’t be shipped until your shoe size, recipient details, and Quality Control (QC) images from customer support have been confirmed by you. You will receive all the updates regarding your order from our team.

In the Millennial-driven online luxury industry, footwear is currently the most dominant category, thanks to the rise of streetwear, athleisure, and sports lifestyle businesses. Around the world, elite athletes, musicians, celebrities, and tastemakers are always seen wearing high-end trainers on their feet and in their social media feeds. Limited-edition colourways.

Sneakers have managed to hold onto their cult status because to the increasing number of “sneakerheads” who exchange and collect them. Nike and Adidas frequently offer limited edition footwear linked to athletes, celebrities, and hip-hop stars. People frequently go above and above in order to obtain these uncommon models, often standing in queue all night.

The product achieved great success because of the publicity and rumours that surrounded the April 1985 release of the Air Jordan 1. The Jordans went on to rule the sports shoe market and ignited the nation’s infatuation with trainers. Other companies gradually started coming up with their own plans to share in the success.