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Best adult electric scooter with 1000w suppliers

  In the past few years, adults seeking an ecologically friendly and convenient means of transportation have been migrating to electric scooters. For riders looking for speed and dependability, electric scooters 1000W stand out as a dependable option in terms of power and performance.

What Is a 1000W Motorized Adult Electric Scooter?

An adult electric scooter with a 1000-watt motor designed particularly for adult riders, possessing a 1000W motor, is a powerful and efficient private transportation tool. An essential component, the electric scooter 1000W gives the scooter the strength it needs to tackle harder terrain and accelerate to greater speeds. For anyone looking for an environmentally friendly form of transportation, thrill-seekers, and commuters alike, these scooters are excellent.

The following details describe what you should know about such a scooter:

Speed and range

One of the important advantages of high-powered electric scooters is their higher speed compared to low-powered models.  This help rider competes with the traffic and allows them to travel longer distances.

Battery capacity

Adult electric scooters1000W primarily have a larger battery capacity on a single charge. On average, with this battery capacitance, a rider can travel 20-40 miles with a 1000 W scooter.


The advanced suspension system of these electric scooters 1000 W has extraordinary ride comfort even on rough or uneven surfaces.

Fast commutes

The power of an adult electric scooter with a 1000w motor is not compatible with the ordinary one. For those who want to save their time and energy use this scooter and save their time during travelling. It allows you to travel through traffic and reach your destination on time.

Enhanced carrying capacity

This electric scooter 1000w has enhanced carrying capacity, these are capable of carrying heavy loads and, therefore are essential for grocery shopping and backpacks.

Fast commutes, versatile terrain, enhanced carrying capacity, and eco-friendly capability provide significant benefits to their riders. Adult electric scooters are extraordinary and adaptable mode of transportation that provides an excellent source of power, speed, and range for daily rides. Here are the best adult electric scooters with 1000w suppliers.

1, Airplaying



Airplaying,” the electric scooter and electric bicycle factory, specializes in the development, design, and sale of their products. The company’s primary objective is to provide customers with top-quality electric vehicles known for their efficiency, reliability, and affordability. In 2023, Airplaying is placing a significant focus on their flagship product – the AS201 outdoor leisure off-road vehicle. Featuring advanced technology and a robust design, the AS201 serves as the perfect solution for customers with a passion for adventure and exploration. At the Airplaying factory, they take great pride in offering personalized service and maintaining top-notch quality control standards. The company’s team of experts is dedicated to delivering timely and efficient service to customers across the globe. Airplaying firmly believes that innovation and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of success.

2, Huaihai




Established in 1976, Huaihai Holding Group has dedicated over four decades to technology research and development, vehicle manufacturing, and sales services, particularly in the realms of small vehicles and new energy automobiles. With a diverse portfolio encompassing Small Vehicles, Electric Autos, Core Accessories, Overseas Business, and Modern Finance, the group operates under three major brands: Huaihai, Zongshen, and Hoann. Boasting a network of 27 wholly-owned subsidiaries and manufacturing bases in Xuzhou, Chongqing, and other strategic locations, including overseas bases in Pakistan, India, Chile, Peru, and Indonesia, Huaihai Holding Group stands as a global player in the automotive industry.

Adult Electric Scooters 1000W “LY”

Adult Electric Scooters 1000W “LY”




Beginning as a retailer of personal electric scooters in Singapore, VoroMotors initially served customers one at a time, prioritizing quality. Over time, the company evolved into the foremost premium electric scooter provider in the country. However, challenges arose with the Singapore-wide ban on personal electric vehicles, prompting a shift to focus on other global markets to sustain the business. VoroMotors is on a mission to empower personal commutes, positioning electric scooters as a primary alternative mode of transport, especially for last-mile journeys. The EMOVE Cruiser, in particular, has successfully convinced many individuals to consider abandoning their cars for a more sustainable and efficient commuting option.

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter

4, Apollo




Inspired by early successes, Apollo took a bold step by designing and introducing their inaugural proprietary scooter: the Apollo Phantom. Drawing on their extensive experience in retail, post-purchase support, and engineering, the Apollo team aimed to challenge existing norms—and they achieved remarkable success. The Apollo Phantom stands as a testament to the team’s commitment to innovation, redefining industry standards with notable success.

Xiaomi M365

Apollo Ghost

5, Fluid freeride



Upon experiencing the convenience of electric scooters through a major scooter-sharing service, we were captivated by this modern and emission-free mode of transportation in March 2018. Eager to own one ourselves, we embarked on an extensive search for the perfect electric scooter. To our surprise, the options in the US were limited, with only a few basic models on Amazon and smaller independent stores. The lack of comprehensive reviews and frequent stock shortages left us questioning which source to trust. Recognizing the complexity of scooters and sellers potentially overstating performance, we felt compelled to fill this gap in the market.


MANTIS V2 – fluid Edition