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Best 6 custom aluminum stamping parts companies

Custom aluminum stamping parts have become a unique and reliable way to make precision engineering. They are used in many sectors, including automotive and electronics because they can meet intricate design needs. While aluminum is a popular material of choice, brass stamping parts also hold their significance for some specific applications. Now let’s learn more about custom aluminum stamping parts and their advantages and look into the importance of brass stamping parts.

The Key to Precision Engineering

Custom Aluminum Stamping Parts

This involves shaping a metal sheet with the use of a die and punch as known as “stamping” or “pressing” which results in custom aluminum stamping parts. This allows for highly accurate complex geometries to be created using this method. Other than that, being lightweight, corrosion resistant, and strong are properties generally associated with aluminium materials making it ideal for many uses.

Industries such as aerospace, telecommunication, electronics, and automobiles make extensive use of these custom components. Custom aluminum stamping, from delicate electronic assemblies to structural modules on airplanes; adhere to various designs by maintaining strict tolerances plus quality control standards

The Importance of Brass Stamping Parts

Although the sector is dominated by aluminum custom stamping parts, brass stamping parts also have great significance for some applications. Brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, offers certain features that make it suitable for specific industries. Among them are its outstanding electrical conductivity as well as corrosion resistance that enable brass stamping parts to be used in electrical and electronic components, plumbing fittings, musical instruments and decors.

The benefits of using brass include its flexibility and durability, alongside its aesthetic quality. For the reason of conductance and appearance; this makes it an ideal choice. These industries require designs that are made to specifications since the process allows for intricate shapes and patterns.


Precision-engineered custom aluminum stamping parts offer a versatile solution to many industries. Such high-quality solutions are lightweight due to being able to satisfy complex designs and requirements in addition they are durable materials owing to their ability to meet intricate design requirements. Furthermore, the value of having brass stamping parts specifically directed at some industrial processes underscores the significance of selecting materials when manufacturing custom-stamped products. Here are the Best 6 Custom Aluminum Stamping Parts Companies.

1, Tenral





Since its establishment in 2005, Tenral has emerged as a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision metal stamping parts, catering to various industries such as automotive, lighting, and construction. Situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, our expansive 53,000 square feet facility houses essential components including a mold shop, manufacturing shop, packaging area, office space, powder painting facility, and warehouse. Equipped with press capacities ranging from 32 tons to 150 tons, as well as hydraulic presses from 80 tons to 200 tons, we possess the capability to offer comprehensive metal stamping services. At Tenral, we prioritize unwavering quality, adhering meticulously to drawing tolerances to ensure optimal manufacturing solutions. With state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise, and competitive pricing, we are committed to delivering reliable products and exceeding customer expectations in precision metal stamping.

2, Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.





Dongguan Fortuna excels as a production enterprise, focusing on precision metal stamping parts, precise CNC processing, injection molding, and product assembly. With a keen emphasis on quality and precision, they specialize in crafting intricate metal components and facilitating the production of various parts. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, Dongguan Fortuna ensures precise manufacturing processes across diverse industries. Their proficiency extends to CNC processing, enabling them to fabricate intricate designs with accuracy. Moreover, their adeptness in injection molding allows for the creation of complex plastic components. By offering comprehensive services including product assembly, Dongguan Fortuna stands out as a reliable partner for all manufacturing needs.

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SHAOYI, established in 2011, is a technology-driven enterprise excelling in precision mechanical machining. With over a decade of expertise, we specialize in automotive parts, electric tool components, and new energy metal products. Leveraging advanced technology and a comprehensive product range, we’ve established partnerships with top 100 domestic automotive parts companies. Our products indirectly contribute to renowned automobile brands such as VW, Audi, GM, BYD, NIO, Toyota, Honda, and Hongqi.

At SHAOYI, precision machining of automotive metal parts is our forte. Our professional R&D team, comprising experts in structural design, CAE analysis, mold development, project management, and process planning, ensures top-notch quality. Our innovative approach has resulted in the acquisition of several patented technologies. Embracing intelligent digital management, we’ve invested in automated production and testing lines while implementing ERP and PLM information management systems.

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4, Dongguan Heju Precision Electronic Technology Co., LTD.





Dongguan Heju Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in January 2008, is a leading OEM precision stamping company based in China. With over 150 employees, our team includes 60+ professional engineers and mold technicians, among whom 10 are senior engineers specializing in process design and R&D. We initially focused on manufacturing and maintaining stamping dies.

Our Quality Assurance department comprises 50 intermediate engineers and 12 quality engineers, ensuring stringent monitoring of product quality from sample making to mass production and delivery. Their efforts guarantee that our products consistently meet the high standards demanded by our customers.

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Quality Stamping & Tube Corporation started its journey in 1982 as a humble tool & die/metal stamping shop, operating out of a modest 5000 square foot building with just two employees. Within two years, the company expanded its capabilities with new fabricating equipment and ventured into manufacturing radiators for the OEM off-highway and stationary equipment markets. This strategic move propelled the company forward, leading to consistent growth and the development of 15 patents for innovative OEM radiator designs. In 1999, QS&T further enhanced its manufacturing and metal fabrication capabilities by adding an aluminum extruder to its repertoire.

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6, Tempco Manufacturing





For over 75 years, Tempco Manufacturing has been a cornerstone in custom sheet metal stamping and metal fabrication across Minneapolis, St. Paul, and neighboring communities. Specializing in various metal materials, Tempco delivers precision stamping products, stamping tooling products, sheet metal fabrication products, and assemblies to a global clientele.

At Tempco, quality reigns supreme. We adhere to the industry’s highest standards in sheet metal stamping and metal fabrication manufacturing, ensuring impeccable results. Moreover, we manufacture all stamping tools & dies in-house, providing significant cost savings for our customers in their part production endeavors.

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