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Best 5 ws2812 led strip factories

In recent years, LED strips have revolutionized the lighting industry with their versatility, energy efficiency, and stunning visual effects. Among the various types available, the WS2812B LED strip has emerged as a favorite among lighting enthusiasts, designers, and hobbyists. This article delves into the world of WS2812B LED strips, exploring their features, applications, and the reasons behind their popularity.


What are WS2812B LED Strips?

WS2812B LED strips are a type of addressable LED strip, which means that each LED on the strip can be controlled individually. The “WS2812B” refers to the integrated circuit used in the LEDs that allow for this individual control. These strips typically come in a flexible form factor, allowing them to be easily bent and shaped to fit various applications.

Features and Working Principles

The WS2812B LED strip’s key feature lies in its compact design, as each LED includes a control circuit integrated directly into the LED package. This integration eliminates the need for additional external components, making the strip easier to use and reducing the overall footprint of the lighting system.

The working principle of the WS2812B LED strip is based on a one-wire communication protocol, where data is sent in a sequential manner to each LED on the strip. This allows for precise control of the color and brightness of individual LEDs, enabling captivating lighting effects and animations.

Vibrant Colors and Effects

One of the main attractions of WS2812B LED strips is their ability to display a wide range of vibrant colors. Each RGB LED on the strip can produce a multitude of hues, allowing users to create mesmerizing lighting displays. The individual control of LEDs enables dazzling effects like color fading, chasing patterns, and dynamic animations, turning any space into an immersive visual experience.

The WS2812B LED strip has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we approach lighting. Its individual control capability, vibrant colors, and dynamic effects have opened up endless possibilities for creative lighting designs. Whether for home decoration, art installations, stage lighting, or entertainment, WS2812B LED strips have become a go-to choice for lighting enthusiasts and professionals alike.  Here are the Best 5 ws2812 led strip factories for you.

1,  Ledstriplightings 





Website:  https://www.ledstriplightings.com/ 

Hanron is a leading developer, designer, supplier and manufacturer of addressable LED strip lights and led neon lights.

Founded in 2010, Hanron employs more than 100 people, including 10 technical engineers and 20 sales engineers. Most of our RGB LED strips are compliant with certifications such as ETL, BIS, CE, RoHS, Reach, TUV CB, LM80, etc.

We have developed 500+ types of addressable led strip light and pixel led strip after years of development, including popular items (WS2811 led strip, WS2812B led strip, WS2815 led strip, SK6812 led strip, etc.), specific products (DMX512 led strip, LED pixel screens, and breakpoint resume series), as well as customized products. We can also provide OEM/ODM services based on customers’ design documents or application scenarios

2, Sdiplight






Website: https://www.sdiplight.com/

Located in Dongguan City, Dongguan SDIP Light Co., Ltd. is Guangdong’s premier addressable lighting manufacturer. Our innovative technological solutions include R&D, production, sales, and other services for LED full-color series lighting products.

Our product research and development strategies combine the best of both worlds. With our vast customer base and rich on-site construction experience, we are able to identify dynamic industry pain points and tailor ingenious optoelectronic solutions.

In our pursuit of mastering technology and innovating, we’ve partnered with big thinkers, tech enthusiasts, and top IC companies. By doing so, we maximize the potential of our lighting technologies.

WS2812b LED strip

WS2812b LED strip

4,  Amazon





Website: https://www.amazon.com/

Dream full color programmable LED Strip, WS2812B led, WS2812B IC built in 5050SMD. 256 brightness display and 24-bit color display. Pure Gold Wires, better quality. Longer life and more stable quality
For easy installation, it comes with 3pin JST-SM connectors on both ends and separate power and ground wires. LEDs can be cut off without damaging the rest of the strip. It can be shortened, lengthened, or bent freely.

BTF-LIGHTING WS2812B RGB 5050SMD Individual Addressable

BTF-LIGHTING WS2812B RGB 5050SMD Individual Addressable

4,  Soldered






Website: https://www.soldered.com/

Through an open makers’ digital community, we support and share our knowledge and product data with our customers.
We combine our engineering expertise with our experience with electronic components to create innovative, high-quality, and in-house designed and manufactured electronic products.
Through maker culture, we connect hobbyists, educators, and industry professionals.

Addressable RGB LED strip ws2812 30LED/m 5V IP20

Addressable RGB LED strip ws2812 30LED/m 5V IP20

5, Sparkfun








Website: https://www.sparkfun.com/

It may look like a common 5050-sized (5x5mm) SMD LED, but it actually contains an integrated control circuit. It is not always necessary to have 10, it may be necessary to have 50! This quantity is perfect if you need that many. The tiny black chip and minuscule gold wires connecting the chip to the LED can be seen if you look really closely.