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Best 5 Rigging Sling Manufacturers in China

In various industries, the safe and efficient handling of heavy loads and cargo is paramount. This necessitates the use of using equipment known as lifting and cargo products. These indispensable tools, including lifting slings, rigging slings, cargo control products, and lashing securing, play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and secure transportation of goods and materials. In this article, we will explore these essential components, their functions, and how they contribute to maintaining safety and productivity in diverse industrial settings.

Lifting Slings

Lifting slings are flexible and robust straps or cables used to lift heavy loads. They are commonly made from durable materials such as nylon, polyester, wire rope, or chain. Lifting slings come in various configurations, including flat webbing slings, round slings, and wire rope slings. The choice of sling depends on factors such as load capacity, environment, and load shape. These slings offer versatility in lifting applications and ensure that the load is well-distributed to prevent damage to both the load and the lifting equipment.

Rigging Slings

Rigging slings, also known as rigging straps or rigging chains, are indispensable tools used to hoist and move heavy loads safely. They are designed to handle specific weight capacities and load shapes, making them suitable for various rigging applications. Rigging slings are commonly constructed from high-strength materials like alloy steel or synthetic fibers, ensuring they can withstand the stresses of demanding lifting tasks. Their adjustable features and secure attachment points allow for precise positioning of loads, enhancing efficiency and safety during operations.

Cargo Control Products

Cargo control products encompass a broad range of equipment and accessories designed to secure and stabilize cargo during transportation. These products are vital in preventing shifting, damage, or loss of cargo while in transit. Cargo products include ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, winch straps, and corner protectors, among others. They are commonly used in industries like logistics, transportation, and shipping, where ensuring the integrity of cargo is critical for successful deliveries.

Lashing Securing

Lashing securing is a technique used to firmly secure cargo to a flatbed trailer or other transport platform. It involves using lashings such as webbing straps, chains, and tensioners to secure the cargo in place. Proper securing prevents load shifting during transit, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. Adhering to industry-specific regulations and guidelines is essential to ensure the effective and safe application of lashing securing methods.

In industries that involve heavy lifting and cargo transportation, the use of lifting and cargo control products is indispensable for maintaining safety, efficiency, and productivity. All these lifting products play crucial roles in ensuring that loads are handled and transported with utmost care and precision. if you want to buy these products here are the Best 5 Rigging Sling Manufacturers in China.

1, East link




Website: https://www.slinglashing.com/

With over 10 years of experience, Eastlink stands as a reputable and professional manufacturer in China, specializing in a wide range of high-quality products. Our offerings include Polyester sling webbing, Lashing tapes, Roundsling sleeves, Eye protectors, Ratchet straps, Polyester flat webbing slings, Round slings, One way slings, Cargo nets, Cloverleaf slings, Marine slings, Corner protectors, Ratchets, Polyester yarn, Sewing threads, and more. We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that each product meets stringent quality standards to cater to various industrial needs. Count on Eastlink for reliable and durable solutions that deliver exceptional performance in lifting, securing, and other applications.

2, Jiangsu Gostern Rigging



Website: https://www.jszsrigging.com/

Jiangsu Gostern Rigging, a renowned China-based manufacturer, specializes in lifting slings, ratchet straps, and specialized lifting equipment. Our focus is on extensive research, product development, and tailored services to address our clients’ lifting challenges effectively. Our chain and wire rope slings, along with lifting equipment, are widely utilized across industries like metallurgy, machinery, railway, petrochemicals, ports, electric power, nuclear power, and defense. We take pride in establishing enduring partnerships with esteemed companies such as Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, XCMG Group, China CSR, and China CNR. Our products have also gained popularity in the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other East Asian countries through exports.

Link Chain accessories

Turn buckl





Website: https://www.dslrigging.com/

Hebei Shenli Rigging Group is a distinguished entity with over 20 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide array of rigging products and lifting equipment in China. Since its establishment in 1998, our company has specialized in providing Grade 80 hook, Grade 80 connecting link, Grade 80 master link, Grade 80 chain, Grade 80 shackles, and various other Grade 80 and Grade 100 rigging equipment. We take pride in maintaining a leading position in terms of production scale, cutting-edge technology, and advanced machinery. With more than 100 sets of equipment and facilities, complemented by over 10 sets of testing and inspecting machines, we ensure the highest standards of quantity and quality in our offerings.

Clevis Hook Used For Electronic Scale

Anchor Shackle Bolt Type with Safety Pin and Nut

4, Dongguan City Guangdong manufacturing Co. LTD





Website: https://www.wireropeassy.com/

For nearly two decades, our company has been a trusted professional in customizing various hardware fittings and steel wire ropes. As an ISO9001.2008 certified entity, we take pride in our commitment to quality and excellence. Our wide range of tailor-made products includes bike control cables, safety lanyards, suspension hanging kits, gym cables, brake cables, flex shafts, coated cables, control cables, speedometer cables, gear cables, throttle cables, clutch cables, safety cables, slings, pet ropes, and locks. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and providing the warmest service, our philosophy revolves around delivering the finest quality products to create value for our esteemed customers, fostering long-lasting partnerships.

Coil steel tool Tether Lanyard

Steel Safety Coil Tool Lanyard

5, JiangSu Tianhua Rigging Co., Ltd,



Website: https://mart.ecer.com/

JiangSu Tianhua Rigging Co., Ltd, known as SlingMan, is a leading manufacturer and exporter in China, specializing in Polyester Woven Flat Webbing Slings, Endless Round Slings, and Ratchet Straps. With years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products, including Polyester flat webbing slings with WLL from 0.5T to 50T, Polyester endless round slings with WLL from 0.5T to 200T, and Polyester ratchet straps with LC from 400DN to 5000DN. Compliant with various international standards, such as EN1492, AS/NZS, and ASMEB30.9, our products are designed for exceptional safety and performance, making them ideal for a wide range of lifting and securing applications.

Soft polyester lifting

Yellow 3T polyester string