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Best 5 Pearl Pendants Jewelry Manufacturers From China 2023

Pearl pendants are a timeless jewelry piece, that have been seen in fashion looks throughout the years. Worn by both men and women, pearl pendants make a simple, yet elegant statement. They have the ability to make any outfit look classier.

One of the main reasons why pearl pendants are so sought after is because of the unique quality of pearls. Pearls are created when a foreign object gets lodged between the two shells of a shelled mollusk, and in response, the mollusk casts a coating over the foreign object. This coating is called “nacre.” Pearls are made of this nacre, which forms over time. In other words, each pearl is one of a kind and has its own composition of colors and luster. This makes them a truly special piece of jewelry.

Due to the vintage quality of the item, they are often associated with a sense of luxury and elegance. Also, they have a certain vintage appeal that gives off a feeling of nostalgia. Wearing a pearl pendant can bring a sense of sophistication and timelessness to any ensemble.

Pearl pendants come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be worn alone or with other pieces of jewelry, depending on the look one is trying to achieve. They typically come with a metal setting, such as gold or silver, which makes the pearl stand out more.

All in all, pearl pendants are an iconic jewelry piece which has been around since ancient times. They convey a sense of luxury and timelessness and come in a variety of styles and sizes. This makes them perfect for any occasion and makes them a go-to item for any fashion lover.

1, Absolute-pearl





ABSOLUTE PEARL is a brand that provides the perfect combination of fashion design and sourcing suppliers for every woman to have the royal gorgeous temperament.

ABSOLUTE PEARL is also the Pearl supplier to international fine jewelry brands. They select AAA-AAAA-quality pearls directly from the pearl farms of the world’s 6 most famous pearl countries, so that the quality remains stable and at the same time, they are able to offer the lowest priced entry-level fine jewelry as well as Collection-level fine jewelry. ABSOLUTE PEARL is sold in over twenty countries and in over 100 cities all over the world. There is no doubt that it is worthy of your trust.

2, Pearlparadise





It was founded in 1996 and it was brought online in 2000, making Pearl Paradise one of the largest online pearl shops in the world. With a custom-built, 1,300-cubic-foot vault filled with pearls, they offer a selection of pearls unlike any other pearl seller, online or off. As a result of their commitment to offering prices 80 percent below retail, they have been able to grow rapidly.

Having served more than a quarter of a million customers and gained widespread word-of-mouth advertising, they have successfully made the connection between quality, customer service, unbeatable pricing, and a wide selection that has helped them create a reputation for being the world’s leading pearl jewelry supplier.

3, Xueluo-pearl





The Zhuji Xueluo Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd cultivates pearls, R&D pearls, processes pearls into fashion jewelry, and sells pearls under the brand XUELUO. They are one of the largest pearl raw materials and pearl jewelry manufacturing companies in China.

Their pearls include Freshwater Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Tahitian black pearls. They culture all different kinds of quality, size and shape pearls.They are basic on guarantee quality and has established our own sales series and market position. Meanwhile, authorized certificates can be provided to guarantee their quality.

4, Dakingjewellery





High quality pearl product supplier based on the whole industry chain and brand.The DAKING Jewellery was officially established in 1992 in the Zhangjiagang,a port city near shanghai,along Yangzi River.Since then, they have evolved into a supplier of virtually every type of pearl 。Including manufacturing,designing and exporting pear jewellery,silver jewellery,gold jewellery as well as semi-precious stone jewellery and fashion costume jewellery.

DAKING Jewellery is dedicated to excellence and quality for all of their pearl jewelry and their customer service.For 30 years, they have been devoted to the development and utilization of pearls with professional, responsible, efficient and innovative work style and attitude.With good faith, thoughtful, and good reputation of management.They are committed to the development of the Pearl Industry in science, technology, scale and brand.

5, Heydearjewellery





The official website of SHENZHEN HEYDEAR JEWELLERY LIMITED is devoted to the manufacturing and exporting of 925 sterling silver pearl jewellery and semi-mounting.

HEYDEAR JEWELLERY LIMITED, is coming from a factory with 15 years of producing 925 sterling silver pearl jewellery, including earring, pendant, ring,bracelet, brooch, and sets, nearly 5000 items, and month output 30000pcs. Each month they have 100 new items coming out. They also develop different series for different famous jewellery brands wordwide.

The pearl quality is of highest importance to them, and they have rich experience in manufacturing craftsmanship and cost control. With good quality, competitive price and reliable service, they establish good relationships with customers from China, Europe and America.