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Best 5 Magnetic flow meter Suppliers In China 2023

A Magnetic flow meter is an industrial tool used to measure the flow of liquid or gas through a pipeline. The device works by using a combination of magnets and electronics to measure the flux and velocity of a liquid or gas as it passes through a pipe. It is capable of measuring the flow rate of a variety of fluids, including water, acids, hydrocarbons and other fluid mixtures.

In operation, the Magnetic Flow Meter has a coil of wire wrapped around a non-magnetic core plate, which is mounted upstream and downstream of a magnetic field. The field is generated by an electromagnet placed on either side of the pipe. As the liquid or gas passes through the pipe, it disturbs the magnetic field, allowing the instrument to determine the flow rate. The strength of the magnetic field is directly proportional to the flow rate, so the instrument is able to accurately measure and display the flow rate.

The Magnetic Flow Meter has many benefits for industrial users. It is capable of measuring extremely small flow rates, since it does not rely on pressure measurements, making it particularly useful for measuring low-velocity fluids. It is also highly accurate, allowing for precise measurement of flows. Additionally, it is relatively low cost and easy to install, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications.

The Magnetic Flow Meter is becoming increasingly popular with industrial users as technology advances. It offers a low-cost, highly accurate solution for measuring the flow of liquids and gases, and it can be used in a variety of applications. It is becoming a critical instrument in numerous industries, due to its accuracy and functionality.

Below are the best 5 Magnetic flow meter Suppliers In China 2023

1, Silverinstruments





There are a number of applications for industrial process instruments offered by Silver Automation Instruments, including agriculture, water and wastewater treatment, factory process control, oil & gas production, and electricity generation. Furthermore, their measurement instruments are used in large installations worldwide, and they are designed to meet a variety of standards that are demanding on quality, safety, and industrial quality.

Keeping up with technology updates of instrumentation is ensured by close ties with Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Chang Zhou University. In order to achieve ISO9001:20008 certifications for their products, they follow strict quality control procedures. The company’s highly qualified staff and strong technical power have been instrumental in obtaining several patent certificates for process instrumentation.

2, Holykell





Since 2001, Holykell has integrated research, development, production, sales, and customer service into its High-Tech Company. Over 80% of HOLYKELL employees hold bachelor’s degrees. The company has gathered a number of excellent domestic technical experts from a variety of fields such as automation, electronics, machinery, and computer technology. The company currently has over 120, 000 customers worldwide, and its products are exported to 109 countries, including Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and South East Asia.

3, Levelmeters





A manufacturer and operator of magnetic flip level gauges, glass plate level gauges, color quartz glass tube level gauges, float transmitters, float switches, gas flow meters, liquid flow meters, and float switch controllers, Hebei Xukang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company develops trade and technology as well as integrating dozens of products, including metal rotor flowmeters and meters. As part of its marketing strategy, Hebei Xukang Instrument combines domestic and international trade. In order to provide the best service and quality to their customers worldwide, they have a global product marketing network, integrating domestic and foreign advantages. Due to the company’s strict ISO9001 quality management system, consumers have peace of mind when purchasing their products.

4, Macsensor





The MAC Sensor contains a number of mechanical sensors, such as rain gauges, wind speed sensors, and wind direction sensors. They offer a wide range of level transmitters, from submersible level transmitters to radar level transmitters to electromagnetic flow meters to ultrasonic flow meters to ultrasonic level sensors.

A wide variety of international certifications have been obtained for them, such as CE, ATEX, FCC, and they are able to provide complete solutions for smart cities, environmental protection, irrigation, and water treatment.

5, Cxflowmeter





It employs a team of professionals and technicians dedicated to finding truth, refining, and innovating. To ensure the quality and stability of the company’s products, it has a comprehensive R&D system and technical staff. To ensure scientific and agile components, the product design adopts the most advanced three-dimensional design techniques, starting with conception and stereotypes.