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Best 5 Online Stores for Dog Wheelchair for Paralyzed Dogs

Dog Wheelchair for Paralyzed Dogs

Dogs who are paralyzed often require a lot of special care in order to be able to remain healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.

Occasionally, wheelchairs are available for animals with hind limb paralysis, helping them regain their movement. In fact, some dogs have been able to learn to jog, fetch, and play as happily as before their injury because of such inventions! These types of equipment are usually only suitable for lighter, smaller breeds of dogs, and should be supervised by your veterinarian. The owners of disabled dogs that have adapted to wheels can build ramps to allow their dogs to access raised porches and other areas.

Dogs need different kinds of wheelchairs depending on their condition, mobility, and size. Your vet can recommend reputable providers who provide wheels for dogs. They should offer a range of wheelchairs and take the time to help you understand which one is right for your dog.

It is important to choose wheels that are fitted to your dog to ensure they are able to move around and walk at the right height. There are also different types of wheels, depending on the terrain your dog will walk on and how long the walk will be.

Finally, dogs with wheels have a variety of choices when it comes to harnesses and stirrups. Depending on the level of mobility of your dog, some dog wheelchairs come with elastic stirrups, allowing them to keep using their legs even when they are using the wheelchair. This will help your dog maintain muscle mass and mobility even while using the wheelchair.

For many pet owners and their animals, buying a wheelchair for a paralyzed dog is a heart-wrenching experience. Not only is there the emotional burden of such a purchase, but the financial burden can be daunting as well. Thankfully, there are many online stores that offer quality wheelchairs specifically designed for paralyzed dogs at reasonable prices.

The following are some of the best online stores for dog wheelchairs for paralyzed dogs, based upon customer reviews and ratings:

1, Healpup






Healpup dog braces are designed with the goal of helping your dog feel better first and foremost. For that reason, it is important for your dog’s body to be protected from the elements as well as from daily dog activities. In order to achieve this, Healpup trains orthopaedic technicians and specialists who are able to understand a dog’s body from the inside out. Healpup products not only feature minimalist designs and well-designed logos, but they all come with eye-catching features as well. Once your dog gets used to wearing their product and becomes comfortable with it, the goal is for them to become a therapist for a future that is healthy and agile.

Dog Wheelchair For Paralyzed Hind Legs

Dog Wheelchair For Paralyzed Elder Dogs

2, Medsinglong Co Ltd






The MedSingLong Global Group is one of the most prominent medical equipment suppliers in China. They have served customers in over 179 countries so far. They strive to provide their ultimate clients with reliable, high quality, value-added medical products under strict management under ISO 5001: 2008 and CE. As a trend-setting company among Chinese manufacturers, they aim to lead the industry.

Pet Wheelchair

dog wheelchair for elderly pet dog

3, Guangzhou Wowo Pet Products Co., Ltd.






Guangzhou Wowo Pet Product Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, provides development, design, production, processing, and sales services in one place. A group of professional scientific and technical personnel works for the company, which specializes in design, development, production, and sales of pet supplies such as negative ion plate pet nests and cat climbing frames, with the goal of satisfying international market demands. Their team meticulously designs and manufactures more novel, safer and more effective comfort products for pets.

paralyzed animal wheelchair 

Pet Dog Disability Wheelchair

4, Hangzhou Yingang Technology Co., Ltd.






Ying’ang Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 100 high quality cooperation factories. Their product range includes live streaming equipment, wheelchairs outdoors and so on. Their team has many years of foreign trade experience and is committed to the ultimate, credible, simple, and collaborative team culture. Their research and development team designs products tailored to customer needs and market trends. In addition, the company has a comprehensive quality management system and a number of partners that can provide all kinds of testing certificates, ensuring customers receive the highest quality products. They sell their products all over the world, and their customers are very happy with them.

Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs

 Dog Wheelchair 4 Wheels For Dogs

5, Guangzhou Hedy Rehabilitation Technology Co., Ltd.






HEDY Medical Device Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of HEDY GROUP, one of the largest health industry groups. They are involved in R and D, production and sales of electric wheelchairs, electric patient lifts, overhead ceiling patient lifts, and other smart rehabilitation products. They have 2 pharmaceutical factories, 3 medical equipment manufacturers, and 3 medical investment and operations companies.

Wheelchair For Dog Back Legs 

Wheel Chair Cart Walker For Back Legs