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Best 5 Custom-Made Springs manufacturers China 2023

There is no doubt that springs are ubiquitous in all kinds of machines—from consumer products to heavy industrial equipment. Take apart any mechanism, and you’re sure that one of them will be found inside. Essentially, springs are devices that store mechanical energy-think of them as analogous to batteries. The first spring-driven clocks appeared in the 1400s.

Types of springs and their applications

Most springs can be classified based on how they are loaded. You’re probably familiar with the following:

  • Compression spring: They are designed to operate with a compressive load and can be found in a wide range of products such as shock absorbers, spring mattresses, mechanical pencils, and retractable pens.
  • Extension spring:There are a wide variety of products that are designed to operate with a tensile load. The archetypal example is a Slinky, but they can also be found in luggage scales and garage door mechanisms.
  • Torsion spring: It is designed to operate with torque (twisting force) and is used in every clothespin and mousetrap.

There are three classes of springs: linear (or constant rate) springs, variable rate springs, and constant force springs. Each of these types can be further characterized.

Best 5 Custom-Made Springs manufacturers China 2023


1, Chinacustomspring





Ningbo, Zhejing Province, China is a professional manufacturer of metal springs and wire fabrication items, including Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, Compression Springs, Die Springs, Circlips, and Wire Forming. With their skilled designers and engineers, along with their variety of machinery, equipment, and testing equipment, they are able to produce high-quality springs at reasonable prices for their customers.

Among the machines they use in their factory are the GSM 720, (8 BCX BAMATEC), and (KHM) CNC 10, along with computer testing equipment. A punching machine, an automatic lathe, a dynamometer, a tempering furnace, a projector, and a fatigue test machine can be found in (MEC) TM – 8. For springs, torsion springs, extension springs, compression spring antennas, battery springs, abnormality springs, coil springs, disc springs, die springs, conical springs, special-shaped springs, rotary drill pipe springs, engineering machinery springs, elevator springs, and other special springs, the company can manufacture wire diameters of 0.15mm-30.0mm.

With years of manufacturing experience and ISO9001 certification, their R&D team develops springs for their customers according to their needs.

2, Chinaspringfactory





The XULONG SPRING is one of the most reputable spring manufacturers in south China, having been in the spring industry since 1979, and having struggled in the field for decades, they are now the premier spring manufacturer in south China with a wide range of products, a high production capacity, and spring design ability.

They manufacture all kinds of customized springs, such as compression springs, torsion springs, tension springs, wire forms, and spiral springs, all of which find use in many fields, such as automotive, polar, power stations, oil and gas, transportation, and architecture, just to name a few.

3, Goldstar-spring






Founded in 1983, SHANDONG GOLD-STAR SPRING CO., LTD is a specialized factory that manufactures a wide range of elastic products. They currently occupy 20000 square meters of workshops. Among the products that they produce are vehicle suspension coil springs, engine valve springs, agricultural machinery springs, medical equipment springs, oil equipment springs, heavy-duty machinery springs, engineering machinery springs, and a wide range of special series springs.

They have advanced production machinery which makes all springs can be made in our factory when the wire diameter is between 0.3mm and 50mm. With their testing equipment, they are able to test the springs strictly, and they guarantee that they are qualified. Moreover, with the use of advanced production technology, they are able to keep their customers happy for long periods of time. Meanwhile, continuous management improvement enables them to maintain their long-term relationships.

4, Chinaspringcorp





The spring company they work with has earned a reputation of being a top spring manufacturer that manufactures a wide selection of spring styles and sizes. They manufacture everything from medical springs to conical springs, and they work with wire diameters ranging from 0.002 inches to 1.250 inches in diameter.

With its headquarters located in Baoan, Shenzhen, China Spring Products Corp has been in business for more than 20 years. They are a small company with big capabilities. Having worked in the spring industry for over 30 years, they are able to assist customers with any spring engineering or technical questions they may have. The best possible service is provided to all of their clients personally.

5, Springmanufacturerchina





With over 20 years of history in the business, Fooaima has been offering professional solutions on springs and wire forms since 1992. With over 20 years of experience in the business, Fooaima has had the opportunity to work with companies in a wide selection of industries.

They are committed to being a reliable partner in areas where they are able to contribute our expertise, knowledge and cost-efficient production of the products you need.