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Best 5 Hydraulic Brake Manufacturers

Enjoying the tactile sensation of gear shifts while having more control over the vehicle is one of the joys of driving a car with a manual transmission.

A driving manual has many moving elements, so it’s important to learn more about it in case something goes wrong. The clutch master cylinder and hydraulic brakes are among the system’s most crucial parts.

What is a Clutch cylinder?

The clutch cylinder manufacturers attach the clutch cylinder to the clutch pedal in manual cars, transforming the clutch pedal’s mechanical movement into hydraulic pressure. This simplifies shifting gears by using the clutch. It is situated on the firewall on the driver’s side of the vehicle or in the back of the engine compartment, directly behind the dashboard.

What are Hydraulic Brakes?

A crucial part of contemporary car safety is the hydraulic braking system. When the brake pedal is depressed, hydraulic brakes use brake fluid, which is usually an oil-based substance, to generate pressure. Brake pads press on brake rotors as a result of pressure, which generates friction that slows and stops the wheels of the car.

The Hydraulic brake manufacturer with a hydraulic braking system not only offers strong braking with little effort on the brake pedal, but they also facilitates rapid adjustments in emergency braking scenarios and helps to equally distribute weight across all tires.

Essentially, in the modern world, hydraulic brakes are necessary for safe driving.

Working of Hydraulic brakes

The components of a hydraulic braking system cooperate to produce the friction required to slow down and stop a car.

The master cylinder, which is attached to the brake pedal by the Hydraulic brake manufacturer and contains the brake fluid, is the central component of the braking system. Hydraulic pressure is generated in the master cylinder by applying pressure to the brake pedal, and this pressure is subsequently directed into the brake calipers and wheel cylinders.


The required friction on the brake rotor is produced by the pressure pushing against the pistons. This system makes sure that stopping is done quickly and effectively, and it is simple to modify based on the driving style or the state of the road.

Both hydraulic braking systems and Clutch cylinders are important components for safe driving. Here are the Best 5 Hydraulic Brake Manufacturers.

1, Yuyao Beta Auto Parts Co., Ltd



Website: https://www.nbbetabrake.com/

Yuyao Beta Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in brake and clutch cylinders. We take pride in our independent capabilities for designing, producing, and selling various hydraulic components. Our product range includes Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder, Hydraulic Brake Wheel Cylinder, Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder, Hydraulic Clutch Slave Cylinder, Concentric Slave Cylinder, and Hydraulic Proportional Valve, among others. Our products find applications in a diverse range of vehicles, including heavy-truck vehicles, light-truck vehicles, passenger cars, mini-type vehicles, forklifts, engineering vehicles, tricycles, and agricultural machinery vehicles. Notably, our focus on the development of brake and clutch cylinders for tractors and agricultural machinery is evident in our extensive catalog, which now boasts more than 100 items tailored for these specific applications. At Yuyao Beta Auto Parts Co., Ltd, we are dedicated to providing high-quality hydraulic solutions for various automotive and machinery needs.

2, WPT Power Corporation



Website: https://wptpower.com/

Based in Wichita Falls, Texas, WPT Power Corporation stands as a leading global manufacturer specializing in a diverse range of mechanical power transmission and winch products. Our offerings play a crucial role in heavy-duty industrial applications, facilitating the operation, control, and transfer of power and torque. With a broad international presence, we distribute our products in over 60 countries, serving clients across a spectrum of industries. Our customer base spans sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Marine, Mining, and Off-Highway, among others. At WPT Power Corporation, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that cater to the demanding needs of various industrial applications worldwide.

Caliper Disc Brake

Mining Brake

3, Midwest Brake




Website: https://www.midwestbrake.com/

Midwest Brake, situated in Warren, MI USA, stands as a prominent manufacturer specializing in oil shear clutch and brake systems, power transmissions, and friction materials for industrial applications. Established in 1950, Midwest Brake has a rich history of delivering customer-driven solutions aimed at optimizing the performance and reliability of equipment. Our commitment is centered around ensuring overall customer satisfaction and minimizing product life cycle costs. At Midwest Brake, we continue to be a trusted partner for industrial solutions, offering quality products designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Electric Oil Shear Brakes

Hydraulic Oil Shears

4, Tolomatic’s




Website: https://www.tolomatic.com/

Tolomatic’s esteemed reputation for innovative linear motion products is a result of the daily dedication and contributions of our engineering, operations, and sales teams. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology is evident, with over 35% of our business originating from non-cataloged product solutions. From bottle capping and packaging to material handling and robotic resistance spot welding, Tolomatic’s products are actively employed across a diverse array of applications, showcasing their reliability and versatility in meeting the demands of various industries.

Intensifier Kit for Caliper Disc Brakes

FS595 Dual Series Ductile Iron Spring Applied Disc Brake

5, Hilliard




Website: https://www.hilliardcorp.com/

Hilliard’s caliper brakes feature an arm-style caliper specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of Hilliard thrusters. These thrusters include pneumatic applied, spring applied, or hydraulic applied brake control systems, making them suitable for a diverse range of heavy-duty industrial applications. Hilliard’s caliper brakes are engineered to provide effective braking solutions in various industrial settings, offering reliability and performance.

A300-T300 HS Caliper Brake

A300-T200 AS Caliper Brake