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Best 5 diamond wire drawing dies suppliers

Wire drawing dies find extensive applications in various industries due to their ability to produce wires with precise dimensions and excellent surface finish. These dies are specialized tools made from robust materials that can withstand extreme pressures and abrasion involved in the wire drawing process. These dies are typically designed with a small, conical hole, through which the wire is pulled. As the wire passes through the die, its diameter decreases, transforming it into the desired gauge and shape. Choosing the right type of wire die and wire drawing die manufacturer is essential to achieve accurate results and maintain wire consistency.

Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Among drawing wire dies diamond wire dies have gained widespread recognition due to their exceptional qualities. These dies are manufactured using synthetic diamonds, which are known for their extreme hardness and durability. The hardness of diamond dies ensures that they maintain their shape and dimension even under heavy pressure, making them an ideal choice for drawing wires from hard and abrasive materials.

Shaped wire dies

This wire dies have emerged as a revolutionary solution for specialized wire drawing applications. Unlike traditional round dies, shaped dies are designed to produce wires with non-circular cross-sections, such as squares, rectangles, and other custom shapes. These dies enable manufacturers to create wires that meet specific requirements in industries like aerospace, automotive, and electronics. Shaped wire dies play a vital role in enhancing the strength-to-weight ratio of wires, providing greater flexibility in design.

Wire drawing dies price

Prices of these dies depend upon the type of dies, the quality of dies, and the manufacturers. Top manufacturers pay attention to the quality and durability of the dies but sometimes prices may increase a little. However, there are many suppliers that provide good quality and durable wire dies at very reasonable prices. We have searched the Best 5 diamond wire drawing die suppliers for you.





Website: https://www.szwiredie.com/


Wire, Cable, and Tube Industrial applications are served by S&Z Wire Die Co., Ltd’s long-lasting wire drawing dies and wire die polishing machines.

Automotive wires, medical wires, superconducting wires, and welding wires are among the applications. The aim of our company is to provide the wire and cable industry with the best quality dies and tools in the industry with the shortest lead-times in the industry, including Nano dies, PCD dies, diamond dies, enamelling dies, and compacting & stranding dies.









Website: https://www.indiamart.com/



Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies are offered to our clients by us. Our products are manufactured using only high quality raw materials procured from trusted vendors. The end product thus formed is inspected by our experts for any flaws.

Our customers are highly satisfied with this range due to its excellent finishing, utmost clarity, hardness, and high functionality.

Polycrystalline Diamond Wire Drawing Dies are offered by us in a wide range. High grade polycrystalline diamond (PCD) blanks are used in the creation of this range, sourced from authentic vendors. Additionally, the offered range is suitable for drawing applications ranging from ultra-fine wire to large drawn rods. For ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing, this range is widely used.




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As a leading manufacturer and designer of diamond and carbide drawing dies,

extrusion tools, elongation sets, inspection tools and more, we are known for our quality and dependability.

Besides providing hole reaming, engineering, and advanced software services around the world, we are also a global provider of hole reaming. For more information.








There are three primary locations where the company serves the wire industry.

Our corporate headquarters remain in Woodburn, Indiana, USA.

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Woodburn Wire Die, S.A. is based in Juarez, Mexico and serves the southwest US, Mexico, Central and South America, as well as our joint venture partner,

Walson Woodburn Wire Die, Prvt. Ltd., serves the Asian, Middle Eastern, and African markets. A global team of highly trained and dedicated agents supports customers.











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