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Best 5 container house supporting facilities manufacturers

A sort of modular and transportable housing option built from shipping containers is known as a flat-pack container house. Steel containers with easy transport and assembly at the construction site are commonly used by flat-pack container house manufacturers.

Like any other type of dwelling, container homes need accompanying infrastructure to be practical, cozy, and adequate for daily living. Depending on the particular design, use, and location of the container house, these container house supporting facilities may differ. A container house’s usefulness, aesthetics, and general comfort are all significantly influenced by the selection of the roofing, stairs, fencing, and siding. Considerations for each of these auxiliary facilities are as follows:

Optional Roofs

Shelter Roof

A roof that slopes in one direction is referred to as a shed roof. It offers effective water drainage and is quite simple to install on a container home.

Bowed Roof

Two sloping sides of a gable roof meet at a central ridge. Although it provides more interior room, the building may be more difficult.

Flat Roof

Because flat roofs are so easy to install, flat-pack container house manufacturer usually frequently utilize them in their designs. However, if they are not properly built and maintained, they may be susceptible to water pooling.

Interior Stairs

Consider installing inside stairs for ease of access between floors if your container home has more than one level. Due to their compactness, spiral or space-saving staircases are common options in container house designs.

Outside Stairs

Container homes with many levels may necessarily need container house supporting facilities of outdoor stairs or a ramp for convenience and safety in container homes and exterior access points.

Fences for Privacy

Fencing is used around your container house by the China flat-pack container house manufacturer to provide security and privacy. Fencing options include wooden, metal, and vinyl. The selection should blend well with the container house’s overall design and the area around it.


Security is important for our homes, constructors consider strong fences with features like gates, locks, and motion-activated lighting for the security of these container houses.


Clapboard siding is another facility for container houses for those who love to give a traditional home look to their container houses. These flat sheets usually provide an extraordinary look to your container house from the outside.

While choosing any of these container house supporting facilities, it is important to consider factors such as climate, maintenance requirements, budget, and overall design and requirements of your moveable house. Moreover, choosing a top manufacturer is also important.

Here are the Best 5 container house supporting facilities manufacturers.

1, Summer Paradise






Summer Paradise Integrated Housing, a leading prefabricated building service provider in China, leverages the nation’s strengths in the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable constructions. The company is dedicated to establishing an enterprise that encompasses research and development, production, sales, leasing, installation, and maintenance. Summer Paradise’s flat-pack containers find extensive applications in temporary housing for construction, railways, expressways, bridges, water conservancy projects, electric power, petroleum, tourism, and military units. The company caters to numerous large state-owned enterprises and industry peers.

2, Shanghai Metal Corporation





Shanghai Metal Corporation, established in 1980, is a prominent and highly regarded manufacturer based in China. Their extensive product range encompasses metals, machinery, containers, construction materials, mechanical products, electrical systems, and medical accessories. Dedicated to delivering absolute customer satisfaction, SMC has consistently worked to meet the diverse needs of its global customer base. The company’s dedicated team is committed to refining its three fundamental pillars: “Service, Management, and Craftsmanship.

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3, HIG Green Integrated Tech Co., Ltd






HIG Green Integrated Tech Co., Ltd, a prominent manufacturer in the building industry with over 17 years of experience, specializes in the design, production, and delivery of high-quality container houses. These container houses are not only environmentally sustainable but also boast a modern, stylish, and comfortable design. HIG Green has a wealth of experience in the container housing sector and takes pride in delivering excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

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Prefabricated Hotel Flat Pack Container Prefab Hotel Modular






Shenjiao Engineerings offers Container houses that exhibit versatility in construction, achieved by stacking and connecting multiple containers or through tailored modifications for unique designs. These adaptable structures find purpose as single-family residences, multi-unit housing, vacation getaways, offices, and more. Shenjiao Engineering’s Container houses have gained substantial popularity, attributed to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and eco-friendly attributes. They often present a more economical alternative to traditional housing, with the added advantage of potential energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Moreover, they readily accommodate customization to align with diverse design preferences and requirements.

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K-home stands as a premier manufacturer of high-quality flat pack container houses, particularly esteemed in the realm of construction site buildings. The company prioritizes swift production, rapid service, and responsiveness to the demands of extensive engineering construction housing projects. K-home’s modular container houses have garnered favor within the construction industry due to their expeditious production and installation, cost-efficiency, and immediate usability. Situated in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China, K-home specializes in crafting custom packaged container homes through collaborative efforts with clients across the globe. Their expertise extends to various applications, encompassing remote area housing, temporary schools, emergency hospitals, and more. With a successful track record of modular container building projects, K-home’s influence spans regions including Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

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