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Best 5 automatic coil packing line manufacturers in China 2022

Automatic coil packing lines

The coil packing lines are the lines that complete the longitudinal cutting lines, which are the lines that pack the coils.
They are actually modular lines that are assembled downstream of the slitter and are connected by cables.
These conveyor packing lines are used to pick up each individual coil, strap it in a radial pattern and stack them, while forming a bundle/pile by stacking the coils radially.
After the bundle has been strapped on the pallet, it is then weighed and labeled, and then it is loaded into the truck.

The benefits of an automatic coil packing line

1. Handling, packaging, palletizing…that can be done efficiently according to different coil specifications.
2. The entire process of packing and stocking can be tracked in all stages and connected to an ERP system.
3. A better way of packaging coils, strapping them, and palletizing them.
4. Operation with a high level of safety.

Below are the best 5 automatic coil packing line manufacturers in China 2022:






As a major integrated manufacturer of ring type wrapping machines, pallet packing machinery, and horizontal orbital wrappers, Fhope is committed to delivering cost-efficient automatic systems. In addition, they offer a variety of standard wrapping machines to meet your needs. The Fhopepack machinery line is characterized by heavy duty construction, dual column design, customized equipment, and low maintenance requirements.

They are a professional supplier of stretch wrapping/packing solutions. The hallmark of our success is their ability to customize designs to meet client specifications. By consistently producing high-quality, and money-saving packaging, the company’s goal is to offer innovative long-term solutions that enable coil processors to meet customer needs. Products include coil packing machines, straight object packing machines, wrapping machines, shrink wrappers, shrink machines, stretch wrapping machines, packaging materials, and coil tilters.

2, shjlpacking




As a leading and professional manufacturer in China specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of packaging machinery, Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998.

Under the efforts of their highly experienced engineers and technicians, they have developed superior packing machines catering to customers from various industries by relying on our independent research and development power and constantly absorbing the most advanced technologies of the world.

They provide plastic pipe bundling and strapping wrapping machines, plastic pipe bagging machines, automatic bagging and bundling machinery systems, steel wire & coil wrapping machines, horizontal wrap-packing machines, steel pipe wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, unmanned wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, 90°/180° automatic turnover machines, shrink wrap machines, etc.

They have established a worldwide sales network due to our years of professional experience, strict management system, and customer-focused approach. They also have a good reputation at home and abroad for their products. They hold CE, ISO9001:2008, CNAB, and ANAB certifications, among others.

3, shjlpack





There is a company in the ring wrapping solution industry called SHJLPACK. This company provides automatic coil packaging machines, coil packing lines, upenders, and handling equipment that can improve your automatic production and productivity.

4, coilpackingmachine




There are 18 kinds of industries they provide professional packing solutions for, including steel, aluminum, copper, plastic pipe, bar, and so on.

The management of the company is professional, honest, and puts the customer first. Quality is first, service is first, and people are oriented to the business.

After years of accumulation, Jinglin has developed over 200 types of packing machines and professional solutions for 13 different industries after years of accumulating.

Among the professionals on their team, they have designers, production personnel, sales personnel, warehouse management personnel, and after-sales personnel. This allows them to provide the best service to their customers.

5, pesmel




There is no doubt that Pesmel has over 40 years of experience in delivering solutions that are designed to improve material flows and logistics at different types of manufacturing facilities. They are focused on serving customers around the world in the pulp and paper industry, metals industry, tire industry, etc.

They offer a unique Material Flow How® concept that encompasses the entire spectrum of customers’ needs, from smart, customer-centric design and engineering to active lifecycle service and maintenance. With their intelligent packaging and handling solutions and our unique automated high bay storage, they are always able to meet your exact requirements and needs.

Their focus is on enhancing space efficiency, optimizing material flows between processes and shipping, improving work safety, enhancing loading, reducing turnaround times, as well as improving delivery quality.