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The Top 5 Led Flashlight Suppliers You Should Know

Led Flashlight

What is LED Flashlight?

An LED flashlight is a daily use handy device that runs on AA or AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries and gives constant power to light up areas. It only uses a third of the power that regular flashlights need. It means that the batteries last at least 6 to 10 times longer than those used in regular flashlights. The Best led flashlight will have between 20 to 150 Lumens and are ideal for home and few outdoor activities. On average, 100 Lumens flashlights can provide 5 to 10 hours of constant light rays during the running time using only 2x AA batteries.

Depending upon the use, you can set flashlights to their highest or lowest settings. Low settings would mean less use of power, while high settings would mean more energy use. The batteries may work for days in low voltage while not so if the setting is increased. One of the chief advantages of selecting a Led flashlight on sale is its long life and energy efficiency. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t emit any pollution or heat. It has the inherent ability to operate in cold climates, and the led flashlights can be designed with immense flexibility.

You can purchase your led flashlight from the top 5 flashlight suppliers, whose names are listed below.

1. Led Flashlight Brands

Website: www.flashlightbrand.com

FlashlightBrands is a comprehensive flashlight platform which own a powerful flashlight supply chain resources. we provide various flashlights brands including Superfire, Fenixlight, Nitecore and other brands.They are all good quality and low price.

2. Goldmore

Website: www.goldmore.com

At Goldmore we strive to provide best service to our customers with professional sales team, qualified design engineers and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative product designers and experienced tooling engineers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

3. Fenix Lighting

Website: www.fenixlighting.com

At Fenix, we pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the very best, high-performance lighting products on the market. Our customers have come to expect only the very best from their Fenix flashlights. We stand behind the work we do and have earned a reputation from our customers for being the most durable, versatile, and reliable lighting around. Those high standards flow from design to production to quality assurance in all Fenix lights. From the very start, we have made flashlights with only one goal in mind: to make products that help people get the job done, whatever that may look like.

4. TGE Flashlight Manufacturer

Website: www.flashlightmanufacturers.com

TGE Flashlight Manufacturer was established in 2009, specializing in research, development, design, production, and sales of energy-saving and environmental protection flashlights. With strong technology, innovative spirit and sophisticated equipment, and the concept of excellence in quality LED aluminum alloy flashlights suitable for different purposes and different occasions have been launched. The company’s products are suitable for families, night travel, outdoor activities (including adventure, camping, etc.), public security, rescue, fire fighting, and other fields.

5. Ledlenser

Website: https://ledlenser.com

The sun and Ledlenser share the same goal…bringing light to the world. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable LED lighting products, we dedicate all our knowledge and expertise to empower the world with light. Ledlenser portable lights are reliable and trusting companions allowing consumers to be ready and able in the darkest of work, home or outdoor situations, giving them freedom from darkness. Our quality promise is built on our foundation of German engineering and design, providing the highest quality products to the world.