The Top 5 Customade Jewelry Manufacturers from China

Custom Your Jewelry On OnlineCustom Your Jewelry On Online

Jewelry never goes out of fashion when there is always a strong demand for it. It is generally said of jewelry that where there are humans there is attraction for all types of glitter especially jewelry. It is a fact too that jewelry never goes out of fashion and those that have seen subdued demand for a decade re-emerges in one way or another taking a new form with most parts of the old designs intact.

Customade Jewelry

It is true that women are the main force that drives the jewelry market all over the world. However, of late men too have taken to beautify their own hands and body with jewelry by purchasing Custom Jewelry Online. Jewelry need skilled craftsmen whether the same is of gold or simply plated ones with gems or intricately carved types.

A Piece of Jewelry Adds Up Your Image

Notwithstanding the fact that a woman adores jewelry as they are born to use them and enjoy, modern males too have started to explore some hidden gems of their own. While women adorn jewelry anywhere for men this may be restricted to bracelets, rings and perhaps some kind of exotic looking locket.

Currently, you find Customade Jewelry from online stores especially from China that serve the whole world market with country specific designs and shapes. Wear one of these and you will see and feel the difference the very next moment. It surely is high end stuffs and there is no limit to the extent artistic designing and craftsmanship that has gone into each of these items.

It is to be noted that the tools required for making such unique jewelry are also of high quality. Many intricate designs and curvatures and custom art work can be done with these technological tools not possible by human hands. Molds are made for each particular set of designs and these too are made by skilled craftsmen from China.

Custom Your Jewelry On Online

You have numerous choices to pick from and these are both for men and women. If you have taken steps to Custom Your Jewelry On Online then you may contact one of the top 5 manufacturers from below for single orders or bulk purchases. They give discounts and other offers for valuable customers from across the world.

This is top 5 Customade Jewelry Manufacturers Lists:

1, TILLFO Jewelry


TILLFO Jewelry is a professional manufacturer specializing in customized memorial jewelry and service from 2009. Our designers and craftsmen are some of the best in their field and at your disposal.

We can manufacture your custom Championship Rings,School Class Rings, Family Crest Rings, Military Rings, or any memorial jewelry, pendant,bracelet,brooch…etc. Each custom ring is manufactured and finished by hand one at a time, as every fine piece of jewelry should be. Our style in customization rings will make yours unique and personal. Customizing your own ring will give you great pride and you will cherish it for years to come.

2, Beyaly Jewelry Co., Ltd.


Beyaly Jewelry Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China, with over 10 years history. It has accumulated a strong  customer base in Europe and America.

In the past 5 years, with the increasing demand for individuality, we are more deeply committed to providing meticulous and differentiated personalized customization services. As a pioneer in personalized customization services, we have accumulated over 300 customized customers in our markets.

3, First established


We believe that by putting our love and our passion into every pieces we make, we can step by step bring our works to people’s heart and contribute to bringing people’s hearts closer to each other.

Our mission is to spread love, inspire and celebrate each of the personal story. Creating personalized and inspiration jewelry that can be wear every day and last for a lifetime.

4, Bee’s Diamonds


nvesting in diamonds can be a daunting experience, regardless of whether you are a novice looking for an engagement diamond or an institutional investor with important responsibility to allocate your funds properly. Bee’s Diamonds understand the importance of your investment and we are here to help. Our professional experts can guide investors through making the right decision by equipping you with the necessary knowledge on diamonds and the industry. With a rich history and a dedicated team experienced in wholesale diamonds, Bee’s Diamond is your source of expertise for investing in diamonds in Asia.

5, Halife Jewelry Company


We design, manufacture, export unique fashion jewelry & accessories since 1990, with over 1000 experienced labors and professional designer teams base on competitive prices, good quality trusted by worldwide customers include H&M, Zara, Reserved, House, Bimba Y Lola, Dynamite.

As the leading professional fashion jewelry & accessories supplier located in Guangzhou China,bringing wide range of designer-inspirational fashion jewelry and accessories. We work direct sales to global customers since 2010 with production capacity of 700, 000 units/month, and there are over 10 different factories located in cities of Guangzhou,Foshan,Qingdao,Dongguan, Qingyuan working to support our designer teams and headquarters,with over US$18-21M exports every year.