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Best 5 vehicle wraps factories in China 2023

There is no doubt that cars are smaller than trailers or buses-but when they’re wrapped to promote your business, they still have a major presence on the road.

There is a huge opportunity if all the cars in your fleet are on the road every day, and they are not visually representing your company, you are missing out on a lot of business.

what is a vehicle wrap?

Similarly to other vehicle wraps, a car wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal applied to the car’s exterior. In most cases, the paint is applied directly to your vehicle’s painted surfaces (all or some of them). Using the system, you are able to quickly change the color and look of your entire fleet of vehicles, making way for colorful, unique, and noticeable branding on your vehicles. It is possible to have either a gloss or a matte finish for the finish. This is a 100% removable cover, which makes it a powerful opportunity for cars that are leased or owned.

Best 5 vehicle wraps factories in China 2023


1, Ravoony






They are a high-end car wrap film brand specializing in the development, production, operation, packaging and distribution of high-end car wrap film. In the field of car wraps and paint protection films, Ravoony has been dedicated to the research and development of these products. Ravoony has a strong technical and capital foundation that allows it to provide customers all over the world with high-quality car wrap films at competitive prices. As a result, car owners from all over the globe are able to customize the exterior design of their cars to their liking at a price range that is affordable.

A manufacturer of three-layer composite vinyl wrap films, Ravoony has been developing special effect films for over a decade, and their professional color research laboratories are located in China. As the research direction, they study the original color of the car and the market color trend and demand. At the moment, Ravoony has more than 20 series and more than 300 colors of vinyl wrap film available for car owners to choose from.

2, Teckwrap






TeckWrap was founded in 2012 by Charles Heidenreich of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and has grown quickly since then. Their mission is to offer a wide selection of quality, affordable vinyl films with great outdoor life-expectancy. As a company, they strive to produce superior, high-quality calendered and hybrid vinyl products at affordable prices for every level of the wrapping community.

As a rule of thumb, TeckWrap vinyl has an average life cycle of more than three years (the real factors that determine this are climate and driving habits). Every three months, they maintain a strategy of launching brand new designs on their website. In order to keep up with new trends, TeckWrap always keeps up with the market, since color-change films are fashion products and the market tends to turn rapidly from one season to the next.

3, Rvinyl






It’s no secret that if you’ve been thinking of a complete color change for your vehicle but just couldn’t justify the cost of a factory-style paint job, you’ll be pleased to learn that premium quality vinyl wraps are a great, affordable alternative. This vinyl vehicle wrap is manufactured from premium quality car wrap films that are available in over two hundred different finishes and colors. The vehicle wraps are adhesive-backed and ready to be applied as soon as they arrive.

These films are used by DIY customers, professional automotive restylers and vinyl film wrappers to create amazing custom cars, and now you can do the same. With their vehicle wraps you will not only save time and money, but you will also be able to personalize your car, truck, SUV, van or motorcycle in a snap.

4, Vinylfrog






In spite of their humble beginnings, their goal is to provide our customers with a wide range of vinyl wraps that are high-quality and durable at a reasonable price. As a team, they strive to be able to provide better and higher quality calendared vinyl products to their customers. Through their cutting-edge technology and research, they stay on top of trends and we continually improve on their array of products based on the latest trends in the industry. In addition, they strive to ensure that their films are accessible around the world so that everyone can enjoy them.

At VinylFrog, they are committed to offering you the best vinyl wraps available in the industry at the best prices in the industry. It has become easier than ever before to order your desired vinyl wrap style and color straight from their website, thanks to the advent of modern eCommerce.

5, Metrorestyling






They at Metro Restyling are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective vinyl wraps and application supplies to satisfy their car wrapping needs. Regardless of whether you are a professional installer or a DIYer, they are committed to providing you with the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. In terms of professionalism and customer service, their team members are unmatched in the industry.