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Best 5 torsion spring manufacturers China 2023

What are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are mechanical devices that store and release rotational energy.

Torsion springs are mechanical components that are connected to mechanical components on one end. As the spring rotates around its axis on one end, it tightens and stores potential energy.

A spring stores more potential energy as it is wound tighter and resists more rotational force, as one end is deflected about the body centerline axis, while the other end remains fixed.

When a torsion spring is released, it will unwind, creating a rebound that will release the stored energy. The same rotational force is exerted on the opposite end of the spring, which can apply torque to the attached mechanical component. Torsion springs are used to hold mechanical components in place in a static manner.

As a result of their resistance to rotation or twisting, torsion springs have their mechanics. In opposition to the twisting force, the mechanical energy produced by the resistance acts as torque proportional to the angle at which it is twisted. There are three types of torsion springs: helical, torsion bars, and spiral wound. They are all made from wire, steel springs, or rubber.

Torsion springs are subjected to more bending stress than rotational stress as the spring is twisted to make a tighter winding. Torsion springs are different from compression springs and tension springs because they only use rotational force. Linear force is not involved in torsion springs like it is in compression springs and tension springs.

Best 5 torsion spring manufacturers China 2023


1, Chinacustomspring


It is a professional manufacturer of metal springs and wire fabrication items in Ningbo, Zhejing Province, China, including Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, Compression Springs, Die Springs, Circlips, and Wire Forming. Having experienced designers and engineers at their disposal, along with a wide array of machinery, equipment, and testing equipment, they have been able to manufacture high-quality springs at affordable prices for their customers for many years now.

There are a few machines that they use in their factory, including the GSM 720, (8 BCX BAMATEC), and (KHM) CNC 10, along with computer testing equipment. You can find a punching machine, an automatic lathe, a dynamometer, a tempering furnace, a projector, as well as an fatigue test machine in (MEC) TM – 8. A wide range of wire diameters can be manufactured by the company, including springs, torsion springs, extension springs, compression spring antennas, battery springs, abnormality springs, coil springs, disc springs, die springs, conical springs, special-shaped springs, rotary drill pipe springs, engineering machinery springs, elevator springs, and other special springs.

Their R&D team is equipped with years of manufacturing experience and ISO9001 certification, so they are able to develop springs according to the needs of their customers.

2, Goldstar-spring


They currently have an area of 20000 square meters of workshop space for their manufacturing of a wide range of elastic products. SHANDONG GOLD-STAR SPRING CO., LTD was founded in 1983. They manufacture a wide range of elastic products. In addition to vehicle suspension coil springs, engine valve springs, agricultural machinery springs, medical equipment springs, oil equipment springs, heavy-duty machinery springs, engineering machinery springs, and a wide variety of special series springs, they also manufacture agricultural machinery springs.

With their advanced production machinery, we can manufacture all springs at our factory when the wire diameter is between 0.3mm and 50mm. With their testing equipment, they are able to test the springs strictly, and they guarantee that they are qualified. They are also able to maintain long-term relationships with their customers by using advanced production technology. Meanwhile, continuous management improvement ensures long-term customer satisfaction.

3, Chinaspringfactory


The XULONG SPRING is one of the most reputable spring manufacturers in south China, having been in the spring industry since 1979, and after battling for decades in the field, they have now become one of the best spring manufacturers in south China with a wide range of products, a high production capacity, and spring design abilities.

It is their company’s goal to manufacture customized springs, such as compression springs, torsion springs, tension springs, wire forms, and spiral springs, all of which are used in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, polar, power stations, oil and gas, transportation, and architecture, to name a few.

4, Rlspring







The R&L Spring Company is one of the most trusted sources of precision springs, rings, wireforms, and four-slide components for OEMs of all sizes, along with secondary and finishing processes. They have been supplying leading manufacturers from the powersports sector to the automotive sector to the medical device sector and the general industry with the most demanding parts requirements since 1972.

5, Botespring





Founded in 2001, the factory has a floor area of 3,000 square meters. Now has Φ0.2mm-Φ20mm the specifications of the series of multi-axis CNC multi-axis computer spring equipment more than 20 Taiwan, back to the furnace 3, 6-spring-plant, computer deduction of two, Shot Blasting a Taiwan, a few presses And other advanced manufacturing equipment and a series of sophisticated all kinds of special detection equipment, specializing in the production of wire diameter Φ0.2mm-Φ20mm (flat material thickness 0.1mm-8mm) of various types of compression springs, tension spring, torsion spring, the line forming and Stamping parts. Able to provide customers a variety of difficult requirements of the product, and can be based on the date of the client proofing. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.