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Best 5 industrial forklift batteries manufacturers 2022

Today, industrial forklift batteries are effectively used in the upgradation of the fleet. It avails a cleaner, safer, and long-lasting benefit to the users. One can simplify an operation with a lithium ion forklift battery. There will be two hours of faster charging with up to 22 hours of run-time per 24-hour period and besides there is a 40% higher sustained voltage in an Industrial lithium battery with up to forty percent greater energy efficiency.

High benefits of using an Industrial lithium battery

The advantages of utilizing an Industrial lithium battery are unbounded. There is a twenty to forty percent lower total ownership cost. Moreover, there is a higher return rate during charging events. There is a forty to fifty percent smaller carbon footprint in industrial forklift batteries. This in turn gives a forty-five to fifty percent lower cost in relation to lead acid batteries.

In industrial forklift batteries, there is up to a 10x longer life span in comparison to lead acid batteries with nil requirement of any battery room. Furthermore, the dangers of acids and gases are eliminated in a lithium ion forklift battery.

An Industrial lithium battery is basically used for pallet jacks, narrow aisles, sit-down, and more, with the fastest possible recharge time and a 99% efficient process of recharge.

More information on an industrial lithium battery manufacturer online

The industriallithium battery manufacturer online is a fast-paced, hi-tech company that is a pioneer in the adoption of lithium-ion technology solutions. They design, manufacture, and sell an advanced lithium ion forklift battery. These battery packs are used not only to power industrial equipment but also commercial equipment like renewable energy and forklifts.

An Industrial lithium battery has applications in floor machines, golf carts, and mobile elevated work platform stations. Integrated with the highest performance and productivity, it is genuinely unavoidable to locate an industrial lithium battery manufacturer online.


BSLBATT lithium is one of the largest developers, manufacturers and integrators of lithium-ion batteries for forklift trucks in the China. specializing in Lithium batteries for over 10 years including all brands and models of lift trucks (Class I, II, and III), Ground Support Equipment, aerial lifts, and storage energy more. BSLBATT Lithium operations cover the China, America, Europe and CIS countries. BSLBATT’s Lithium client portfolio includes leading multinational companies. We offer a 5 years or 10000 hours warranty and can provide CE, ISO9001, UN38.3, and IEC test reports to our clients.


2. Industrial Battery Supply

Industrial Battery Supply has been servicing Utah and Idaho since the mid 1970’s, providing quality parts products and service for motive power batteries and chargers. Since that time, there have been many changes throughout the industry, but the one factor that remains unchanged is our dedication to our customers.


3. GB Battery

Giant Battery produces a full line of Industrial Forklift, Locomotive and Solar Batteries & chargers for the most demanding applications. With battery production centrally based in Illinois, and an average build time of just three to five days, we are usually able to deliver new batteries and chargers in as little as five to seven days. This approach has allowed us to reduce operating & inventory overhead, and the ability to offer greater production flexibility and extremely competitive pricing to customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.


4. Industrial Batteries

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of industrial batteries that is committed to providing an exceptional service, you’ve come to the right place. You can count on us for all your repair or maintenance needs. Whether you need automotive batteries from Exide India, chargers or forklift batteries, we offer quality products from well-known manufacturers in the industry.


5. Great Lakes Forklift Battery

Great Lakes Forklift Battery is a leading supplier of new and rebuilt industrial batteries in the U.S.A.. We have customers in 42 states, including, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, New York, California and Kentucky. We ship our forklift batteries everywhere in America!