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Best 5 Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch Bag Suppliers 2022

A stand-up pouch bag is a packaging that you can place stand erect on its bottom for display, storage, or consumer use. It has characteristics of a material that looks stable yet is made out of flexible plastic or other light materials. The Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch bag has a glossy finish and colors so that the items inside it are displayed for the customers to view. The Custom Printed Pouch also comes in various forms, and the main advantage is that it saves space and, therefore, can be shipped easily to destinations. Many such bags have zip-locks or special closing features and are best used for storing liquid or dry ingredients.

The demand for Custom Printed bag has grown phenomenally, with several companies using the space on its side to display their products. In many Custom Printed Stand Up Pouch, you will find shelf spaces at the bottom gusset such that customers can store or carry several items. You will also find Custom Printed Pouch with logo so that they are instantly recognized and stored in the same place such that they do not get mixed with others. They are better than boxes and help the contents from moisture, odor, pests, air, light, and vapor.

If you are thinking of placing orders for pouch bags, you must contact a reliable Custom Printed Pouch Manufacturer to get quality items at competitive prices. There are several kinds of bags, including Custom Printed bag with logo so that customers can choose according to their preferences. You can also choose from a wider variety of pouch bags. There are round bottom Gusset styles, K-Seal Gusset, Pillow Bottom Gusset, etc. It depends on the type of material you want to place inside. You will get more information if you browse the site of a reliable Custom Printed bag manufacturer.

Below are the best five Custom Printed Stand up Pouch bag suppliers 2022.

1. DongGuan YiWei Plastics Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Yiwei plastic company is a sub factory of Anhui Tongcheng Fengwei Plastic Company (TongChen YiWei plastic, Dongguan Yiwei plastic, Shenzhen Yiwei plastic) in 2009, was a professional packing bags manufacturing and independent research &development factory. We have our 3 own manufactures.


2., a leading socially responsible online printing, marketing and technology firm, has established itself as a major player in the industry with its distinct vision and clear approach to helping small businesses grow. It serves thousands of on-demand business printing and graphic printing orders online daily, using high-quality press printing and a robust yet simple and easy-to-use online ordering system, resulting in high-end printing services and reliable color printing at discount printing costs.


3. ePac Holdings, LLC

ePac’s founders began with a mission to provide locally-based consumer packaged goods companies the ability to compete with large brands with great packaging. Our customers are predominantly locally-based small and medium-sized CPGs, many of whom are focused on creating natural and innovative products for their consumers. Since opening our first manufacturing facility in 2016, our mission has been clear – to help small brands obtain big brand presence, give back to the communities we serve and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, circular economy.


4. Roastar, Inc

At Roastar, we believe that small businesses can, and should, look big. From coffee to cannabis, to pet treats and specialty foods, whatever you need to be packaged, we’re here to help. As pioneers in the custom product packaging industry, we’re one of the few in the country who can print pouches digitally.


5. Paper Mart

At Paper Mart, we pride ourselves in being the largest discount retail and industrial packaging supply company in the United States. With over 26,000 items listed on our online website, our goal is to sell the best for less by offering low prices to everyone, same day shipping, & excellent customer service.