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Best 5 Clear View Fence Manufacturers 2023

What is Clear View Fencing?

Generally known as Clear View Fencing, density mesh fencing, sometimes referred to as as ‘Clear View Fencing,’ is a system of high security wire mesh panels that are used primarily to secure commercial and industrial properties. Clear View Fencing was created in order to provide a clear ‘see through’ visibility with an aesthetic appeal.

Because of the fence’s transparency, security cameras and personnel will be able to identify potential intruders more easily, since they can see through it.

There are several benefits to using a Clear View Fence

  • Increased Security: As a result of the use of tiny, nearly impossible-to-cut openings, the fence is practically impossible to cut with ordinary tools and almost impossible to climb. Moreover, it can be fitted with spikes or electric fencing on top of the fence, which makes it almost impossible to climb.
  • Durability: The fences are made to withstand the harsh weather conditions of South Africa and are guaranteed to last for a very long time, with most fences coming with a 10-year warranty.
  • Cost Effective: The cost of materials as well as the labour for installation of the fence is much lower when compared to a brick wall or palisade fencing.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The Clearview fence, as the name indicates, does not obstruct the view in any way, providing security without obstructing the view and being as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Lots of styles and finishes:There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from when it comes to Clearview fences, including galvanizing, powder coating, different colours, and plastic coatings in various types.

Best 5 Clear View Fence Manufacturers 2023

1, Clearviewfences Clear View Fence Manufacturer







This company was founded in 1997 and is one of the world’s leading fence and gate manufacturers. In addition to their extensive experience and knowledge in fences and gates, they have exported their products throughout the world for industrial and commercial applications for more than twenty years, which included clear view fences, high security fences, welded mesh fences, electric fences, 358 fences, and all kinds of gates. Professional staff members with experience in fences and gates are able to provide the highest level of support for their products, including drafting and engineering, in order to meet the project requirements of our clients. Having been assessed and registered as meeting quality standards, their company has established a good reputation for quality workmanship and efficiency.

2, Clear-viewfencing






The Clear View Fence Company is one of the leading manufacturers of high security fencing mechanisms in the world. All their products have been comprehensively tested to ensure their strength and durability. Their Clear View Fences range is available in galvanized, powder coated, or plastic coated options for customers to select from.

3, Sinovillefencing





Founded in 1969, Sinoville Omheining has grown into a prominent player in Southern Africa’s fencing and structural steel industries. With more than 10 000 tons of steel handled from Cape Town to Congo and erected fences throughout the region, Sinoville Fencing is confident that they can provide you with modern, cutting edge fencing solutions.

4, Vi-biz








Vi-biZ, a private company supplying specialist turnkey boundary perimeter security fencing systems, in multiple market segments, commercial, industrial, mining and residential sectors, locally and north of our borders into various continents around the world.

Vi-biZ is differentiated by its high level of customer service, the provision of appropriate solutions, and the quality of its products and workmanship, which are unsurpassed in the industry and are always available at a fair price.

Vi-biZ has established a trusting reputation for designing, constructing and installing high quality fencing and gate access systems, and has a wide range of products and services to cater to every type of project, no matter how big or how small. A wide range of innovative, aesthetically pleasing, high quality products are offered by Vi-biZ for securing people, property, premises, and assets.

5, Jumalutech





Jumalu Fencing is a privately held South African fencing company that supplies specialist security fencing products designed and produced by ClamberPrufe.

To secure people, property, premises and assets, they offer a wide range of innovative, aesthetically pleasing, high quality clear view fencing products that are designed to enhance security. In order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, their differentiating factor is their commitment to excellent service, appropriate solution provision, and unmatched quality in products and workmanship. As a result of ClamberPrufe’s vigorous attention to detail at every stage of the project, it is the main reason that ClamberPrufe is the preferred brand for many of South Africa’s leading architects, property managers, specifiers and their discerning clients…