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Top 5 Temporary Fencing Services in Auckland

When it comes to securing a construction site, event or any other area, temporary fences have become one of the most popular options in Auckland, New Zealand. They offer an excellent way to maintain security and privacy for your worksite or event while keeping unauthorised persons out. Temporary fence hire Auckland is becoming increasingly popular and necessary because of its many benefits. In this article, we will discuss the different types of temporary fences available for hire in Auckland.

The Benefits Of Temporary Fences

Temporary fences offer numerous benefits, including:

Security And Safety

One of the primary functions of temporary fencing is to keep people out of a specific area. When you rent a fence, you will deter unwanted visitors from entering the site, which can reduce thefts, vandalism, and other crimes. It also ensures that the area is safe for workers during working hours.


Temporary fences are versatile and can be used for various applications such as events, parking lots, concerts, construction sites, and emergency situations. They can be set up quickly and efficiently, making them an ideal solution for security needs.


Temporary fencing is cost-effective compared to permanent fencing. When renting a fence, you only pay for the period you require it. There is no need to buy and install a permanent fence, which can be costly and time-consuming.


Privacy is another key benefit of temporary fencing. It ensures that passersby cannot see what is happening inside the worksite. This is particularly important for sites in residential areas where there may be concerns about noise and privacy issues.

Types Of Temporary Fencing

There are several types of temporary fencing available in Auckland, each with unique features and specifications. Here are some of the most common types:

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is a type of temporary fencing that is made of high-quality steel wire mesh. It is easy to install and provides a reliable and secure barrier for any worksite, construction zone, or event.

Mesh fencing is versatile and can be used for various applications, including crowd control, site security, and creating barricades around equipment and machinery.

Hoarding Fencing

Hoarding fences are solid wooden panels that provide an excellent solution for construction sites, renovation worksites, and other projects that require additional privacy and security. Hoarding fences offer greater visual appeal than traditional mesh fencing and can be customised with graphics to promote your brand.

Chain-link fencing is made up of interlocking wires that create a strong, durable barrier. It is popular in high-security zones and provides visibility while still maintaining security.

Chain-link fencing is ideal for use on construction sites, sporting events, concerts, and festivals. It can be quickly installed and removed, making it an easy temporary solution.

Here are the top 5 temporary fencing services in auckland:

1, Fencehire


FH Fence Hire – your reliable one-stop-shop for sturdy, durable, and secure temporary fences in New Zealand. They pride ourselves on providing the best value for your money by offering transparent pricing that includes delivery, installation, additional services, and features. Their fencing solutions are customizable to your specific requirements, including gates, locks, and other security features. With over-qualified professionals from their scaffolding business, they have the expertise and experience to ensure compliance with NZ regulations and safety standards. At FH Fence Hire, they take your business seriously and provide excellent customer service to meet all your fencing needs.

2, Fencehire


For over 15 years, Safe-T-Fence Hire has been a trusted and leading provider of temporary fencing solutions for residential, commercial/industrial, civil works, and events. Their services span across Wellsford to Pukekohe, catering to customers everywhere in between. With a strong commitment to the trade and extensive experience in the industry, Safe-T-Fence Hire has earned its reputation as a market leader. They are the preferred supplier of temporary fencing to numerous large housing and commercial building developments in Auckland, a testament to their exceptional service and quality products.

3, Ghlgroup


Founded by Greg and Vikki Goudie in 2003, this business has grown to become a leading provider of temporary fencing solutions in the Auckland area and throughout New Zealand. Their son Craig now manages the business with pride. Initially starting as a specialist scaffolding plank hire business over 20 years ago, they expanded their operations in 2006 to include Temp Fence, temporary fencing panels, temporary fencing accessories, Crowd Control Barriers and Temporary Pool Fences for hire. With their services spanning across the greater Auckland area and nationwide sales of their products, they have established themselves as a reliable and trusted source for temporary fencing solutions.

4, Atfhire


It was founded in response to the needs of the construction industry to address basic site security concerns. In line with industry demands, ATF Services has evolved into a multi-faceted site safety services business that now includes solar surveillance/lighting and temporary fencing services divisions, in addition to providing site safety services.

5, Jobsitehire


In 2016, Nick founded a company with just a 20ft container located at a car park behind a commercial building in East Tamaki. The company has come a long way since then and now has a 2,200sqm yard situated in Takanini. With a team of 7 full-time staff members and 7 trucks, they have achieved remarkable growth in the past few years. Although their primary operations are centered in Auckland, they also provide services in other locations such as Whangarei, Hamilton, Rotorua, and Tauranga. Furthermore, they also ship some of their equipment as far as the South Island.

The equipment they offer may not be unique, but what sets them apart is their commitment to providing exceptional service every time. It’s this unwavering dedication to service that has propelled the company towards success.