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Top 5 Diamond Wire Saw Machine Manufacturers In China

What is a Diamond Wire Saw Machine?

A wire saw uses a diamond wire around the material that needs to be cut. You may thread through a borehole, and it is then made to run speedily, causing abrasion. It is this abrasion that eventually dents the material and cuts it. The materials may be stainless steel, granite, or marble. In sharp contrast to the carpenter’s saw that uses teeth to cut through wood manually, the Diamond Wire Saw Machine uses abrasion to get the work done. The wire is sometimes called the blade, and for industrial purposes, the machines are usually powered and not done manually.

The wire of a Quarry Stone Cutting Machine may have one strand or several, and these are braided together to cut through stone. Heat is created, and therefore the wire saws are usually cooled and lubricated with water or oil. The Huada Quarrying Tools Marble cutting machine is highly effective in cutting through the toughest stones. They are priced much lower than other global competitors as the company is the top Marble Granite Cutter Factory globally.

The Diamond Wire Saw Machine Manufacturer has also got high-quality stone cutting tools for customers worldwide. Due to its high performance and accuracy, the company has also been reckoned as the finest Marble Granite Cutter Manufacturer.

Below is the top 5 diamond wire saw machine manufacturers who are reliable and deliver high-quality products.

1. Huada Superabsive Tool Technology Co. Ltd

Huada Superabsive Tool Technology Co. Ltd.,established in 2001 and conveniently located in China, provides one source solutions for quarry, including layout planning, quarrying equipment manufacturing and sourcing. It has grown into an international high-tech enterprise, with a successful integration of research & development, manufacturing and sales. Having dedicated ourselves to the development of quarry equipment for over twenty years, we have gained rich and successful experience in stone quarrying worldwide and built a complete supply chain ecosystem of quarry products.


2. KH Diamond Wire Saw

Kanghua has been specializing in the design, research, development, sales and after-sales services of diamond wire saws for many years.Kanghua and Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology conduct technology research together. We spent 5 years adhering to technological reforms and won 4 national authorized patents and achieved fruitful results.


3. SharingDiamond tools Co., Ltd

SharingDiamond tools Co., Ltd is the division of Xiamen Sharing Group. We are supplying high quality Diamond Tools in China with more than 5 years, especially for the stone (Granite, Marble) working industry. Also we have good experiences in the Concrete, Asphalt, Ceramic cutting & polishing tools of construction field.


4. Quanzhou ShunCheng Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd

Quanzhou ShunCheng Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools in China, which had been making the diamond tools since 2009. Our Export company “Xiamen Roma Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd.” was founded in 2015, it’s well known for good quality and good service.


5. Quanzhou ToolWits New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Quanzhou ToolWits New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou city, the oriental seaport and the start of Marine Silk Road in China. It is very convenient to reach our company: 30 minutes drive from Shuitou, or Quanzhou Rail Station or Express way or Jinjiang Airport; 50 minutes drive from Xiamen International Airport. Looking forward to your visiting us and set up long term cooperation.