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The Top Traffic Safety Products Providers

Road traffic accidents and injuries have become an important public health problem. People inside vehicles get injured, but even people at pedestrian crossings and footpaths are injured due to drivers not following road traffic regulations. The matter is compounded mainly due to the lack of road safety products at important places that would have restricted drivers from becoming more complacent to dangers. In the light of the above, traffic safety products are nowadays much sought after items that keep traffic going in an orderly manner and help prevent accidents and save lives.

Road Safety products are kept to avert misuse of roads by reckless drivers and help them strictly accept traffic rules. It is also important that the products must be bought from reliable manufacturers so that traffic police can instantly use them on highways, road bifurcations, and certain traffic junctions. Only well-established manufacturers can deliver high-quality Traffic Safety Supply products that are rust-free and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent being uprooted. These companies are well-positioned to supply a wide range of road barriers, road fences, and safety barricades with retro-reflective strips and UV-protected paint.

All the safety products are manufactured from premium-grade polyethylene material, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Given below are the top traffic safety products providers who deliver top-quality products.


Lighten Traffic Safety Co.,Ltd. is a leading road safety products provider in China, which can supply full range of road marking products like Gabion Cages, road marking machine and thermoplastic road marking powder and also provide W/S-Beam Steel Guardrail,fishtail end and its bolts &nuts; Solar Road Studs and Traffic Signs.


2. Traffic Safety Supply Company

Traffic Safety Supply Company has built a strong reputation in the marketplace for being a fair, honest, knowledgeable, and effective manufacturer and distributor of highway products. We specialize in bringing new and exciting products to the marketplace and we make it our goal to carry high quality products, which will meet our customer’s standards.


3. Traffic Safety Store

We carry thousands of different traffic safety products and have served more than 100,000 customers worldwide, making us the largest direct distributors of traffic cones, parking blocks, speed bumps, and safety vests. Our huge inventory and thirteen distribution centers allow us to be the fastest and most trusted source for traffic safety supplies.


4. Traffic Safety Supplies

At Traffic Safety Supplies, Inc. (TSS) we consider our customers and our commitment a key component to success. Our motivation to provide and assist with your safety needs demonstrates a common goal: outstanding client service and dedication. Our reputation is founded on providing excellent service combined with high-quality, reliable, and compliant products. Your success depends on our ability to deliver, “Your project is our project”.


5. Traffic Safety Zone

Traffic Safety Zone is a North American leader in the traffic safety industry with over 75 years of combined experience in product development, manufacturing and supply to the traffic safety and industrial safety markets.