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The Top 5 Wire Drawing Dies Suppliers you should know

Wire drawing is a metalworking process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire or several wires that, when drawn through the holes of a die, reduce its diameter. The wires are used in a wide range of applications like electrical wiring, cables, springs, structural components, and spokes for wheels, paper clips, and stringed musical instruments. The wires are pulled in drawing wires, unlike extrusion, where wires are pushed. The initial process before wire drawing involves hammering, filing, rolling, or swaging, whereby the wire is shrunk to fit through the die while the length increases. Many Wire Drawing Dies are simultaneously used for wires to pass through a series of dies in larger industries.

Wire drawing dies suppliers nowadays are manufacturing high-quality dies for industrial uses, and these have been made possible with the help of sophisticated technological equipment. Currently, there is a huge demand for the manufacture of synthetic or polycrystalline diamond drawing dies worldwide due to their high resistance to wear and wire surface finish. Again, the dies are used in ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications and low, medium, and high carbon wires and aluminum, copper, and various other alloys.

1. “S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

Website: www.szwiredie.com

“S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd supplies long-lasting dies and tools for Wire and Cable Industrial application. Our goal is to be a global supplier of wire drawing dies and tooling for the wire and cable industry while providing the dies and tools of the finest quality with the shortest lead-times in the industry.”

2. Zhuzhou UKO Precision Carbide Co Ltd

Website: www.ukocarbide.com

We gathered a professional service team composed of senior engineers, technicians, and customer service who have been engaged in the manufacture and design of tungsten carbide tools and precision parts for many years. We can help customers in related industries to solve problems encountered in the production and used process, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. And to provide customers with perfect product design & use plan.

3. Elexify Industries Pvt Ltd

Website: www.elexifyindustries.com

Elexify Industries are one of the global leaders specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of safe, effective and easy to use butt welding machines, wire pointing machine, nail making, fine block wire drawing machine. Applying innovative technology for development is that the key to the success of Elexify Industries Pvt Ltd. Our first analysis facilities attract, train and retain worldwide prime skills.

4. Fort Wayne Wire Die

Website: www.fwwd.com

Fort Wayne Wire Die has historically been the birthplace of technology that drives the wire drawing and wire die industries. From the first wire die manufacturing equipment and processes developed in the 1930s, to the ongoing engineering advancements that have marked the industry’s evolution ever since, Fort Wayne Wire Die has always stood at the forefront.


Website: http://carbidediemaker.com

Carbide Dies made by us are used in many companies who are drawing steel , brass , Electrode quality wire also called EQ wire, Mig wire, and many other metal bars . Regal Carbide Dies Pvt Ltd started operations in the year 1987 in Delhi.We manufacture and supply Wire Drawing Dies , bar draw dies and T.C tube drawing dies. We make carbide lined collets and guide bushes for sliding head machines in India. We are exporting our dies and tools in Middle east,Dubai, Malaysia, USA & U.K .