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The top 5 stamping parts manufacturers you should know

Stamping is considered to be among custom manufacturing techniques used by manufacturers to cut or shape a metal sheet into different parts or into a complete product. The fundamental technique is known to involve either a single or both processes to compress metal sheet to mould. This is to create the desired shape or to cut the sheet metal into desired shape via shear forces. Getting to understand the sheet metal fabrication process will be beneficial to select the right one to suit your business.

Stamping is also referred to as pressing. It involves placing flat shaped sheet metal in coil or blank form into stamping press. Here, the de and tool surface tends to form metal into net shape. It includes different types of sheet metal that forms the manufacturing processes like punching by using stamping or machine press, bending, embossing, coining or flanging. Precision stamping is considered to be the most favored method.

There are several manufacturers in the domain. But then it will be necessary to choose the best stamping parts manufacturer to derive the best results. This article guides you to identify the top five manufacturers and ensure making the right selection

1. TenraL Metal Products


TenraL was founded in 2005 and initially manufactured simple stamped parts. With high quality and service, our manufacturing scope is constantly expanding. 2010 was a crucial year. We began to shift our business position to the international market and purchased equity in other manufacturing companies, expanding our manufacturing scope to meet the needs of different customers.

2. Pacific Metal Stampings, Inc


Since 1968 Pacific Metal Stampings has specialized in producing components for hundreds of aerospace, automotive, electronic, military, green technologies, and industrial customers. We operate 27 punch presses, ranging in size from 22 to 165 tons, which produce simple and complex shapes from dies produced in our own tool and die department.

3. Zhejiang ZN Technology Co., Ltd


The company was founded in 1990 and currently has two production bases in Wenzhou and Chongqing. The company has a complete production line of stamping parts, springs, machined parts, injection parts.

4. Ataco Steel Products Corporation


ATACO Steel Products Corporation is a privately owned metal components manufacturer with corporate headquarters in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Our skills in the manufacture of complicated products makes use a leader among precision metal stamping companies.

5. D&H Industries, Inc


D&H Industries is a precision, deep draw stamping, and progressive metal stamping company. Metal products created from a wide assortment of materials include aluminum, brass, copper, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, and high strength materials. Material thickness ranges from .005” (127mm) to 0.551” (14mm) with simple to complex design configurations.