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The top 5 sneakers retail companies

Perhaps, you are planning to buy sneakers. If so, then it becomes essential to select something that matches your preferences, needs and budget. Besides enhancing your style and personality, it should also improve overall functionality.

What is a sneaker?

Casual rubber-soled shoes or athletic shoes are referred to as sneakers. They are also called kicks, tennis shoes or running shoes, plimsolls or trainers. They are designed for sports and exercise. However they are quite popularly used as everyday shoes as they are comfortable.

Do they facilitate running?

Sneakers are typically running shoes, designed to offer better forward movement. Trainers are preferred for versatile training like aerobics training, weight lifting, gymming, plyometric training, etc. Running is also considered as versatile activity.

Why it is popular?

Its introduction into different types of sports is what makes it unique and popular. Footlocker sneakersare preferred for skateboarding, music, basketball and everyday wear.

Why did they derive this name?

They are considered to be the initial Tennis Shoe to be launched in the market. It was designed as well as manufactured during the early part of the 19th century, worn by the British Navy on slippery decks. It was in 1892, this shoe got introduced in the market for the common people and were then referred to as the plimsolls. They did not make any sound while walking.


FOOTLOCKER SNEAKERS is a global online shoe retail company,Located in Fujian Province, China.We have a long history of making sneakers. In 1989, we brought in a number of sneaker production lines.We were committed to making shoes for international brands, such as “Nike” and “Adidas”.During that period ,Our process had been greatly improved. We provided high-quality products for our sellers , and due to our strict quality control system, the sellers got a lot of praise.


2. SneakerDouble

Buying replica sneakers can sometimes be confusing. How do you know if you are getting top quality replicas? Just like other replica products there can be a large variance in price. For instance, you can buy a “replica” Rolex watch for $30 and also pay $300 for one. What’s the difference? Build quality and quality of materials. Replica sneakers work the same way. You can find replica Air Jordan’s for $30 and also for $230.




All our products are of high quality and made of authentic materials, the pictures on our sites are real photos of samples in our warehouses, that taken by ourselves. Due to the conditions of light and background, they might look a little different from what they really do in the real world. The item you will receive will be identical with the item shown on the picture. Each item is inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality standards. Quality and good service is our primary priority.


4. Rep Snkrs

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5. LUXURY Trade Club

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