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The top 5 providers of electric bike in Singapore

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Many people are now interested in an electric bike, especially people who know about its advantages and uses. Countries where this concept has not reached yet or places where people are not aware of it, are now trying to get them from other countries. Many people are now wanting to order these bikes online and source it from countries that are manufacturing it on a larger scale. However, people who do not know much about its uses, may not prefer using this ebike.

1, Minimotors Singapore

Website: https://minimotors.sg/

There are many countries through out the world that are making different kinds of bikes. Each of these bikes have different uses and significance. One of the most famous ones being E-scooter Singapore. There are mainly two types of electric bikes; one is the throttle activated bike and one is pedal activated. Pedal activated are the one that have a motor attached to them and they assist the rider only when they pedal.

These types of electric bike Singapore not only help the rider travel with ease, but the rider also need not put a lot of energy. These pedal electric bikes are a great alternative to subways, cars and buses. They also tend to be more cheaper and get you to the destination faster. It also helps in improving the physical health of the rider. To know more about how electric bikes function, their uses and advantages, it is a good idea to visit the online website of a company called Minimotors Singapore that specialise in various types of electric bikes. Check this link out to know more; https://minimotors.sg/. They offer a wide selection when it comes to electric bikes from throttle activated to pedal activated. They also provide accessories, spare parts for electric bikes and professional maintenance services to their customers.

2, Electric Scooter and Electric Bike Specialists

Website: https://www.falconpev.com.sg/

Established in 2013, Falcon PEV is Singapore’s specialist electric scooter and electric bicycle company.
We are the exclusive distributors for the major e-scooter brands like Inokim, KOBRA, E-TWOW, ZERO, and Ninebot.
All the products we carry are of the highest build quality, having been tried and tested for many years by our manufacturers and ourselves before bringing to market.
We are the original e-scooter and e-bike superstore in Singapore and Southeast Asia with the widest range of electric scooters, electric bikes, accessories, repair and upgrade services.
Our in-store service center is staffed with 7 well-trained service engineers with a fully-stocked service center. Our parts are all original manufacturer parts.

3, TWD Bicycle Pte Ltd

Website: https://www.twdbicycle.com/

TWD Bicycle Pte Ltd is Singapore most trustable source of Premium Euro-Designed Power Assisted Bicycles (Ebike) that support a sustainable green and healthier environment. Great alternative to car-lite walk and cycle lifestyle. All TWD Powered Assisted Bicycles are legal to use in Singapore and has passed the highest Euro safety standard EN15194 and with LTA approval.
As we are consumers and cyclists too, we aim to do things right by selecting innovative products that looks good, comfortable, safe and can comply with Singapore regulations beyond.
We aim high for the wellbeing of our customers by giving the peace of mind knowing that our products are fully legal, approved, sealed, documented and registered by Singapore Land Transport Authority.
Our company work ethos and public responsibility means that we will not sell PABs or ebikes that have not been approved or dangling promises which cannot be delivered later

4, distributors of Bicycle Devices – MOBOT

Electric Scooter Store | Electric Scooter | E scooter

Website: https://mobot.sg/

The obsession started in 2014; When Ifrey Lai first saw an electric scooter zooming past him on the streets, it was at the very beginning of an industry that would change the lives of so many.

As an entrepreneur, Ifrey is constantly looking out for innovative solutions that can enhance and improve the efficiency of day-to-day activities. He started out in 2012 with healthcare products that eliminates back and neck pains to time-saving robotic appliances that takes on mundane chores. Finally, that one electric vehicle he chanced upon brought about one of the biggest distributors of Personal Mobility Devices in Singapore – MOBOT.

With strong distribution channels both online and offline, we make it easy for customers to find us. Strong long-term relationships with our manufacturing facilities enable us to have control over the quality of products we distribute and allows for new product innovation that sustains the longevity of the industry.

We are rapidly and constantly growing. Tirelessly searching for ways to better ourselves, in order to provide a full spectrum of eMobility services and solutions for all our customers.

5, the pioneer in the industry – MKP Bikes

Singapore's Electric Bike Specialist

Website: https://www.mkpbikes.com/

MKP Bikes ventured into the electric bicycle arena more than 12 years ago with our shop set up in a heartland mall at the Western side of Singapore. Occupying a floor area of about 600 square feet, we offer children products, bicycles and electric bicycles.

The strong support given by our regular customers sees the increase in our product range and sales for the electric bicycles, which drives the need for technical innovations and research. This strengthens our mechanical and electrical know-how of the electric bicycle. With our years of experience comes a wealth of technical advice and knowledge that has garnered recognition from international brands such as Ferrari and A2B, who has appointed us as their sole distributor.

Being the pioneer in the industry, we are set to bring in more user-friendly products to transform the face of modern electric transportation for the young to old. Come meet us, we love to share our knowledge with you.