The Top 5 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer From China

Plastic Injection Molding MakerPlastic Injection Molding Maker

Unlike other machine molding methods, plastic injection molding is simply the versatile one for producing products and parts. This is one of the best methods for creating parts as it has various advantages compared to other major methods of plastic molding.

Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer

One thing you might have to keep in mind is that a plastic injection molding maker that provides services which makes plastic injection molding simple and even more reliable. Most importantly, it is quite efficient too.

5 Major Injection Molding Manufacturers Present In China

1, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited


Established in 2010, this is one of the best plastic injection molding maker China firm specialized in providing all kinds of mould production for medical equipment, household appliances, safety equipment, electronic equipment, etc.

The major mission is for providing high-quality moulding products and great services. They aim to always exceed the expectations of their customers.



SHANGHAI ZHIYU (CNMOULDING) Co. Pte is a professional china mould & plastic injection molding factory which was founded in Shanghai
in 1997. We constantly provide excellent technology, advise, service and after sales service to Part Make, Stylish Design,Model Measure for Final Assembly.

We have pass quanlity certificate for ISO9001 with 2008 version also.Over 100 staff and 3,500 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space dedicated to

toolmaking and injection molding…. Our industrial products are plastic and thermoforming and rapid prototype for automotive, family appliance, Medicine and

Tele-communication device,etc.

3, Eco molding Co., Limited


Eco molding Co., Limited, offer plastic injection molding service and specializes in various plastic molds for automotive, home appliances, electronics, as well as general industrial OEM applications.

4, ICOMold by Fathom


You may have noticed subtle changes to ICOMold’s brand lately. We’re still the same company, only much better! In December of 2019, ICOMold, MCT and Fathom combined to create the largest privately held digital manufacturing company in the nation (Link). We know you will have some questions about this recent development and want to assure you- you’re in the right place!



Our core competence is our staff, who are very well trained in the field of plastic molding engineering, not only they qualified the basic knowledge, but also speak the fluent foreign languages of English, Japanese, German and Chinese, these make us to be the most effective team. They are responsible for themselves and bring in the idea, push the project forward and solve the all kinds of difficulties.