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The Top 5 Obsolete Electronic Components Distributors

Between the OEMs along with their suppliers’ distributors of electronic parts often find themselves in a difficult spot. The customers are looking to determine whether the components are conforming to the requirements and the distributor replies that they are because their suppliers have informed them of the company that they are. But, they go on to say that they’re not that they are as they didn’t design these components.

Different Obsolete Electronic Components Distributor addresses the issue in different approaches. Certain distributors like Newark in One of Canada, examine the product is in compliance and then evaluate their suppliers according to. So, they are not able to offer assurance to their customers, but they are able to assure customers that they’ll follow all steps.

It remains to be determined what could mean when will be the case when the European Union decides to police the limits concerning harmful substance (RoHS) conformity of OEMs when they are scrutinized following the July 1st the 1st of July, the RoHS timeframe. Customers will have to rely on the distributors to ensure the RoHS conformity.

The amount of online component available is huge for distributors to be able to verify, certain components, such as Avnet attempts in connecting their clients with suppliers so that they receive information about compliance from one. Similar to Avnet, Arrow Electronics Inc. also offers a fee-based service to assist customers facing due diligence problems.

The most well-known electronic parts manufacturers include Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Future Electronics, Bell Microproducts, Memec Insight, TTI, Newark InOne, Digi-key, All American, and Nu Horizons. They all offer parts like semiconductors electronic devices as well as electromechanical devices, passives such as connectors and embedded subsystems for computers that test equipment, as well as active components that include an analog timer, a clock, and much more. More info about Sell Excess Components Inventory.

Go to their websites and discover the available components at what price and make an informed choice. A lot of distributors are willing to provide you with certain components, provided that it’s not less than the amount they have set for the minimum. They’ve set.

These are the top five obsolete Distributors of Electronic Components that you should be aware of.

1. OMEstron Technology Co., Ltd

We an independent distributor of electronic components, which is committed to the integration of electronic components distribution services of world’s famous brands. Established in November 2014, headquartered in Hong Kong. We also have logistics warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Website: www.oemstron.com

2. Star Electronics, Inc

Star Electronics has been an industry leader in supplying obsolete, hard to find, long lead-time and end-of-life (EOL) electronic components since our inception in 2001. We offer one of the broadest line cards in the industry, with over 50 million dollars of ready-to-ship, in-stock inventory from over 2,800 different manufacturers. If the parts you need are not in our ready-to-ship inventory, we have access to over 100 million line items from our controlled vendor network comprised of inventory from Manufacturers, Franchise Distributors, OEM/CM Excess Inventory, Independent Distributors, and other trusted sources throughout the world.

Website: www.4starelectronics.com

3. Summit Electronics Corp.

Summit is a global Distributor Of current/allocated hard-to-find and obsolete electronic and electrical components. Through our worldwide distribution network, we have become purchasing agents first (and last) call! Summit is a global Distributor Of Electronics, Military, New, Obsolete & Passive Components. We are proud that Summit personnel focus on: customer service, reliability, fast delivery, and outstanding pricing.

Website: www.summitelectronics.com


AERI is an electronics distributor that has keeping the production lines moving at some of the worlds largest manufactures for over two decades. Our goal is to consistently give our clients the best prices, customer service, and overall experience when purchasing electronic components.

Website: www.aeri.com

5. Cyclops Electronics Ltd

Cyclops is a dynamic electronic component distributor focused on delivering outstanding service, with industry leading quality and dependability. We specialise in the procurement and delivery of electronic components and parts for a wide variety of industries from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Website: www.cyclops-electronics.com