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The top 5 custom museum showcases suppliers from China

Let us first understand what museum showcases are?  These are storage containers used by museums to keep the items that are displayed by them.  These are known as museum cases and range from metal ones to glass ones depending on the nature and type of the items.

As the name suggests museum cabinetsare a must have in varied types of shops ranging from clothing stores, cake shops, laboratories and so on. Most of us would have definitely seen the mouth-licking cakes and pastries at patisseries and bakeries.

Residences and homes

Museum display cabinets are also a part of furniture in many homes that have exclusive pieces of precious chinaware that are worth displaying. Many ancestral homes and colonial homes use museum display cases as these also keep the items safe, intact and secure.

If you have a wide range of items in varied sizes and shapes, then the best option is to opt for custom museum showcases. You will have to get them custom made. There are professionals who are in this line of business and they would be able to do a great job. Check out for custom museum cabinets manufacturers who will know exactly how to fit in your old guns, heritage swords, toys used by generations ahead of you and so on.

Families that have members who have served in the army, navy or airforce may want to display the medals earned.  Displaying these in proper cabinets truly makes them happy.For these, custom museum display cases are the ideal bet.

Lending a sophisticated look

It is but natural that these custom museum display cabinets lend an overall organised look to the ambience of your home. The greatest advantage of using custom museum display cases is that there is lesser dust accumulation on your collectibles. You may want to use a security locking system to keep it safe.

Here is The top 5 custom museum showcases suppliers from China for your reference, hope it could help.


Website: https://www.wangdashowcases.com/

WANGDA SHOWCASES is professional to supply turnkey museum display solution design for museum exhibition and protection. From concept step, exhibition design and display showcase design, as well as the museum showcase manufacturing,supply, on-site installation and also after-sales maintenance, WANGDA SHOWCASES always works tightly with clients so this ensures the final display solutions completely meet the original design without compromise.

Relicase Display Engineering Limited

Website: https://www.relicase.com/

Established in 2004, Relicase has always strived to incorporate constant improvements in our products and to encourage innovation in our technical applications. After accumulating many years of experience, we have become the leading brand of display cases in China, and we are now on the way to be a premier brand in this category in the world.

DG Master of Display Showcase

Website: http://dgdisplay.com/

DG Master of Display Showcase is one of the world′s leading manufacturers and solution providers for custom commercial environment.And our industry experience dates back to 1999s.At present,DG Master of Display showcase has provided both display showcase manufacturing and full solutions for 9380 retailers worldwide.


Website: https://www.miedisplay.com/

More than 100 sets of professional production machinery and equipment, such as: large-scale laser machine, Japan AMADA RG-00 CNC bending machine and 245-II and AE25 CNC punching machine, semi-automatic environmental protection spraying machine;


Website: http://www.tjwangda.com/en/index.aspx

WANGDA SHOWCASES,as a professional supplier and manufacturer to custom-design,manufacture,supply and install high-standard and customized museum display cases, museum showcases, museum display cabinets for worldwide museums, libraries, archives, archeological institutes, memorial halls, art galleries, private collectors, has always taken it as its own duty and commitment to well protect and showcase invaluable history and culture heritage belonging to all of humanity.