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Best 9 CCL Braces for Dogs

As pet owners, we know that our furry friends are more than just animals, they are a part of our family. And like any other family member, when they get injured or it becomes difficult for them to move around, we want to do everything possible to make them feel better. Canine cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries in dogs are common and can cause significant pain, swelling, and lameness. A CCL brace can be an effective way to manage the condition, but choosing the right one is important. In this article, we will explain what a CCL brace is, why dogs may need them, and provide the top 9 CCL braces available on the market today.

what a CCL brace is and why dogs may need one

The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), also known as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in humans, is a major stabilizing ligament within the knee joint. The CCL plays a vital role in keeping the femur and tibia from sliding in different directions relative to each other. When a dog ruptures or partially tears their CCL, it can cause severe pain and lameness, leading to impaired mobility. CCL injury is one of the most common orthopedic problems in dogs, especially in larger breeds and overweight dogs.

A CCL brace is a device designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint, reducing pain, and improving mobility for dogs suffering from CCL injuries. It works by controlling the forward movement of the tibia bone, which results in less force passing through the injured CCL. Bracing the affected limb immediately after injury can help reduce the inflammation and prevent further damage to surrounding tissues, resulting in faster healing times and improved recovery outcomes.

Criteria for Choosing a CCL Brace

Choosing the right CCL brace for your dog is vital to ensure that they get the correct support and comfort. Several factors need to be considered when selecting the right CCL brace:

  • Size: The brace must fit your dog properly to be effective. Make sure to measure your dog’s leg appropriately before buying a brace.
  • Fit: A CCL brace needs to fit snugly on the joint to provide proper stability. Make sure to choose a brace that fits the shape of your dog’s leg.
  • Support level: Different braces offer varying degrees of support, depending on the severity of the injury. Consult with your vet to determine the appropriate support level for your dog’s specific needs.
  • Comfort: A comfortable brace can be worn by your dog without causing irritation or discomfort. Choose a brace made from breathable and lightweight materials that will not trap moisture or cause chafing.
  • Durability: A CCL brace should be constructed from durable materials that can withstand heavy use over an extended period.

Here are the best 9 ccl braces for dogs:

1, Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace

This specially designed brace is perfect for dogs who are recovering from injuries, suffering from arthritis or torn ACLs, or have luxating patella.

One of the unique features of this dog knee brace is its detachable dog chest harness that provides additional support and stability. The inside supportive metal helps maintain the leg’s stability and avoids slipping off, providing maximum protection and comfort to your furry friend.

The Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace is also designed with reflective stripes to ensure safety while walking at night or outdoors. With the added benefit of the dog support harness, you can be assured that there will be no worries about the brace slipping off.

2, Adjustable Dog Acl Brace

This brace is made from high-quality neoprene, which makes it durable and strong while still being elastic and breathable.

One of the key features of this dog ACL brace is its adjustable hinged stabilizer, which has an innovative design that provides optional flex and extension. This feature helps to provide optimal support and leg recovery position, aiding in healing and promoting a faster recovery time for your furry friend.

The adjustable dog ACL brace offers excellent mobility and support, which can help relieve pain and discomfort associated with ACL injuries or other related conditions. The brace’s unique design ensures that it fits snugly and comfortably around your dog’s leg, providing maximum comfort and relief.

3, Dog Torn Acl Brace

The lovepluspet dog torn acl brace can provide them much-needed relief. It has a special hinge design that offers robust support while still enabling the dog’s natural movement.

The package also includes a harness that can be used with a leash, making walking and outdoor activities easier and more comfortable. With the lovepluspet dog torn acl brace, you can speed up the rehab process by providing adequate support to your pooch’s knee, thereby allowing for an active recovery.

4, Dog Knee Support Brace

If your dog is struggling with ACL or luxating patella,this knee support brace can efficiently relieve stress and provide the necessary support to their knee joint. Made with upgraded material, it is not only soft and comfortable but also highly durable.

This knee support brace is designed to ensure that your dog can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle without any discomfort or pain. It is easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for pet parents looking for a reliable and convenient solution.

5, Dog Double Leg Brace

If your furry friend has suffered from a Torn CCL (ACL) injury, Luxating Patella or Arthritis of the rear leg, then you need Dog Double Leg Brace. Designed to provide double leg support and keep the other uninjured leg healthy, this brace is perfect for pets who need extra care.

This Dog Double Leg Brace is easy to use and provides great support for your dog’s injured legs. Its elastic fixing strap connects the collar from the rear leg brace, making sure it stays in place even during rigorous activities. It prevents unnecessary slipping off, ensuring that your dog’s legs are fully supported throughout the day.

The protective design of Dog Double Leg Brace is perfect for post-surgery recovery. It ensures that your dog doesn’t lick or touch water on the wound, preventing second injuries and promoting faster healing.

6, Dog Brace Support Hind Leg

The Dog Brace Support Hind Leg is made from high-quality Neoprene material that keeps the knee warm, improves Oxygen delivery, and facilitates faster recovery. It’s designed to provide maximum comfort and support, so your dog can regain its mobility in no time.

Moreover,this brace support Hind Leg comes in handy after surgery. It protects the wound and prevents the dog from licking or touching the water, causing a second wound. This feature ensures that your dog recovers quickly and fully without any setbacks.

7, Hinged Dog Leg Brace

With its built-in metal support bars that provide strong support before and after the ACL/CCL surgery, this hinged dog leg brace can help and support dogs with lameness and joint pain, reducing the burden of dog life. There are several ways in which it can be used to relieve pain associated with arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, kneecap problems, patellar luxation, and tendonitis. In addition, the reflective strips make your dog more visible at night and on rainy days by their reflective design.

8, Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace

The Hinged Dog Double Leg Brace is a specially designed brace for dogs who have suffered an injury to their rear legs and are unable to stand. It features a hinged metal splint for extra support and stability. Additionally, the brace comes with luminous reflective tape that makes walking safer for dogs at night or outdoors. This brace is not easy to slip off, thanks to the elastic fixing strap that connects the collar from the rear leg brace. The brace is suitable for various conditions such as Tron CCL (ACL) injury, Luxating Patella, and Arthritis of the dog’s rear leg.

9, Dog Knee Brace For Torn Acl

The DOGLEMI Dog Knee Brace is an excellent product designed for dogs suffering from torn CCL (ACL), Luxating Patella, Arthritis and other kneecap problems. Made with high-quality neoprene material, this brace keeps the knees warm and improves oxygen delivery to promote faster recovery time. In addition to providing support during injury, it also protects wounds after surgery to prevent your dog from licking or touching water to cause a second wound. Even if surgery is not required, this knee brace can be used to assist with mild CCL injuries, allowing the knee to recover without causing further damage. The adjustable size and soft waist belt make it suitable for small, medium, and large dogs alike.